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Comment: Another 'vote' for Sprint (Score 1) 395

by Ogre840 (#30802900) Attached to: Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?
I've been with Sprint for over a year now, using their new incarnation of the SERO plan (employee referral) and have no complaints.

$69 and change a month after taxes and fees, unlimited everything except minutes (500 "anytime" unlimited nights and weekend). I have the HTC Hero, and somehow I'm eligible for a full upgrade every year, not 2. I still have to sign up for another 2 years, but it seems once a year they change the contracts allowing you a free out anyway (if I had a reason to leave)

Before my Hero I had a Blackberry Curve. The calls on the Hero do sound a little echoy on my end, but that's a phone issue, not a service issue. I'm rarely in a place without signal here in Washington State, and I'm not in the Seattle Metro Area (thank god).

their customer service has always been good to me, if I need to ask them anything related to my account. Just like anywhere, if you're respectful, they'll help you out, or get you to someone who can. For question about hardware, I never go to them, I look on the phone's related forums instead, so I don't know about their help there.

For info on how to get on their new employee referral program, just Google "" and it should take you to his site, where you can find the last 3 of his employee number (383 i think...)

They also offer an Employee Referral program for the internet cards.
The Internet

Enhancement To P2P Cuts Network Costs 190

Posted by kdawson
from the not-the-enemy dept.
psycho12345 sends in an article in on a study, sponsored by Verizon and Yale, finding that if P2P software is written more 'intelligently' (by localizing requests), the effect of bandwidth hogging is vastly reduced. According to the study, redoing the P2P into what they call P4P can reduce the number of 'hops' by an average of 400%. With localized P4P, less of the sharing occurs over large distances, instead making requests of nearby clients (geographically). The NYTimes covers the development from the practical standpoint of Verizon's agreement with P2P company Pando Networks, which will be involved in distributing NBC television shows next month. So the network efficiencies will accrue to legal P2P content, not to downloads from The Pirate Bay.

Samurai-Sword Maker May Cool Nuclear Revival 317

Posted by kdawson
from the can't-cut-it dept.
NobleSavage sends a story from Bloomberg about Japan Steel Works Ltd., a company that still makes Samurai swords, and how it may control the fate of the global nuclear-energy renaissance. "There stands the only plant in the world, a survivor of Allied bombing in World War II, capable of producing the central part of a nuclear reactor's containment vessel in a single piece, reducing the risk of a radiation leak. Utilities that won't need the equipment for years are making $100 million down payments now on components Japan Steel makes from 600-ton ingots. Each year the Tokyo-based company can turn out just four of the steel forgings that contain the radioactivity in a nuclear reactor. Even after it doubles capacity in the next two years, there won't be enough production to meet building plans."

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