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Comment: Re:Hey Maria, (Score 2) 49

by OglinTatas (#45820185) Attached to: World's First Cycle Trip To the South Pole Achieved

There is a research station at the south pole.
She can probably crash there for a few days

My questions are:
She had a cargo rack and panniers on her trike, was that enough to carry all she needed? Did she drag a sled like many solo explorers? Was this a solo? Were there supply drops on the way? It just seems insane to attempt such a high-energy feat in such a harsh climate with the limited gear apparent in the photographs.

Congratulations, regardless of the logistics involved.

Comment: Re:They did not pass "aversion" to their grandkids (Score 1) 118

by OglinTatas (#45579715) Attached to: Scientists Find Olfactory "Memory" Passed Between Generations In Mice

Even in the blog post you link, the enhanced startle response was present in f1 and f2 generations. I read that as the aversion was passed on.

Ten days after this fear training, Dias allowed the animals to mate. And that's where the crazy begins. The offspring (known as the F1 generation) show an increased startle to the fruity smell even when they have never encountered the smell before, and thus have no obvious reason to be sensitive to it. And their reaction is specific: They do not startle to another odor called propanol. Craziest of all, their offspring (the F2 generation) show the same increased sensitivity to acetophenone.

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