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Comment: Re:Discrimination (Score 1) 170

Funny how the NFL officials only care about potential brain injury on players who are good at math. If the risk of brain injury was truly that high, nobody should be playing it.

I don't think that is their intent. Most of the players in the NFL do not have a second career to fall back on once their playing days are done, let alone one that should pay them a decent salary. The players themselves know the risks now but the alure of making millions of dollars for a few years of harsh physical punishment is seen as a worthy risk.

Comment: Re:Being comfortable around crazy (Score 1) 854

by Ogive17 (#49683731) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US
I agree with you, many of the religious people I know are great people.. most of my family is Catholic and we all got together 2 years ago to celebrate the wedding of my male cousin to his husband.

However, my experience is these same people lack critical thinking skills. They are taught their entire life to obey and therefor never question direction they are given. Sometimes they can be frustratingly naiive about current events.

Personally, I tread lightly when religion is being discussed except with my closest friends (some who are athiest, some who are some sort of Christian). Many times I don't feel it's worth the fight.. when someone will admit they are christian because that is how they were raised, there's almost no amount of "evidence" that could ever change their view.

Comment: Re: Indy Car race? Idiots in a oval? (Score 2, Informative) 83

by Ogive17 (#49665983) Attached to: The World's Most Dangerous Driving Simulator
Not as dumb as you, apparently. Indy car is a mix between oval and road courses.

If you want to bash racing, why not bash F1 where the competition is so limited that only a handful of drivers actually have a shot at winning each week. At least with Indy, the cars are somewhat equal and there's much more variety and excitment to the finish.

Comment: Re:Fault may not be the right measure. (Score 1) 408

My car is not autonmous but it does have adaptive cruise control (will match speed of car in front, works all the way down to a crawl), lane keep technology (on the highway car will keep itself centered in driving lane), and collision mitigation (car will start to brake as well as set off all sorts of alarms). There are also sensors that can monitor just about the entire area around the car.

The technology mostly exists and can be found is most newer luxury models. The lane keep is probably going to be the most difficult as road markings are not consistent and who knows what the hell will happen in a contruction zone when lines are altered.

Comment: Re:No, but your own choices are. (Score 1) 179

by Ogive17 (#49644047) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?
Conservative values in the US mean expecting more gov't services (suburban sprawl) when it's beneficial but pay less taxes.

Born, raised, and still live in the mid-west. I'd say my county is about 70% right leaning. I was a republican until my mid 20's, then I opened my eyes and thought about what exactly republicans actually want and it was just not logical.

Not that I'm a liberal.. I'm a little bit of everything I guess so it's hard for me to find someone to vote for because I can't stand candidates that toe the national party line. I believe in fiscal responsibility and social awareness. We'll keep on the downward spiral until someone fixes the public school system.

Comment: Re:Seems he has more of a clue (Score 1) 703

by Ogive17 (#49579699) Attached to: Pope Attacked By Climate Change Skeptics
I have used a similar argument with some hard headed friends. I also throw in an extra bit to really make their heads spin:

If we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we no longer have to keep sending our young men and women to the middle east to get involved in fights that cannot be won. Isn't the best way to support our troops to go green?

Conservatives are more "rah rah" about the military and seemingly more "rah rah" about sending them off to fight.. I just don't understand why most military personelle vote Republican. I'd want a President and Congress that was going to keep me close to home and only use me if our actual sovereignty was threatened.

Comment: Re:Is this a good thing??? (Score 2) 208

by Ogive17 (#49204169) Attached to: Make Those Brown Eyes Blue
My wife is Japanese so her physical traits are quite easy to predict. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes (brown or green depending on the light). Our son was born with blue eyes, which did not surprise me because I knew most babies were born with blue eyes (but I did not know why). Apparently in Japan (and the rest of Asia I assume) this does not happen. This makes me wonder if such a procedure would be successful there.

I can definitely see it becoming very popular in S. Korea, though.

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