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Comment: Looking forward to 40 (Score 2) 285

by Ogive17 (#48651439) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...
I am actually looking forward to 40. My son will be 7, old enough to enjoy the experiences that my wife and I are willing to provide. The only reason we take him to Japan with us now is that he's not quite 2 and the flight is basically free (10% of ticket cost to sit on our laps).

I'm 35 now, at this point the career and family are established.. now I just sit back and enjoy what I've worked hard on for the past decade.

Comment: Are account regions locked? (Score 2) 159

by Ogive17 (#48625687) Attached to: To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games
I can't check until tonight when I get home from work but are account regions locked? I know mine currently shows the US but when I travel to Japan next month, will it update?

The reason I ask is if VPN could get around this. For example, getting the NHL (ice hockey) package cost $150 in the US. My friend noticed that the cost through a European IP was only $100. He saved $50 just by masking his IP and there is no need to mask his IP when streaming the games live.

I am curious if something similar could get around the Steam issue.

Comment: Just travel (Score 2) 448

by Ogive17 (#48611431) Attached to: Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies
I've traveled to Asia 4 times and have visited areas that get very few foreigners. I get the stares, sometimes no one will sit next to me on the train, once I was even denied an advertisement being handed out on the street when the woman looked up and saw me.

People who are different attract attention. It's a natural human reaction. I've never been insulted (to my face) and I take as many precautions as I can to do what is socially acceptable.

P.S. - If you want a unique experience, be the only white guy at a Japanese onsen.

Comment: Re:About fucking time (Score 1) 233

by Ogive17 (#48496701) Attached to: Football Concussion Lawsuits Start To Hit High Schools
That's not fair to the coaches. Looking back at my youth, I can remember two instances that were probably minor concussions. Once my brother and I were playing and bashed heads pretty good. Another time was playing soccer and I took a ball off the temple. I blacked out for a few seconds but never left the field. Neither time did I report the incident to an adult.

Unless it's a serious concussion, I think most still go unreported.

Comment: Re:Mistaken Western-centric thinking about China (Score 1) 128

I was in China last month, our hotel had CNN. As soon as it reached the segment about Hong Kong, the channel just blacked out. About 10 minutes later it came back on as if nothing happened.

Why be scared of external opinions? You do not see that as censorship? Suppressing history is censorship.

You are basically calling the Chinese populace a bunch of idiots who would not know how to make decisions for themselves.

Comment: Perfect reason for canceling cable (Score 3, Informative) 164

by Ogive17 (#48324521) Attached to: Discovery Claims It Will Show a Man Being "Eaten Alive" By an Anaconda
The downfall of Discovery Channel was a main reason I "cut the cord" about 2 years ago. They use to be one of my go-to channels when I had some free time. After the success of the crab fishing show (which names annoyingly escapes me right now), they basically switched direction and turned themselves into a reality tv channel.

On the bright side, I am saving $1020+/year for not having cable.

Comment: Re:motion sickness (Score 1) 286

by Ogive17 (#48249543) Attached to: The Airplane of the Future May Not Have Windows
I just got back from China (12+ hrs from Beijing to Chicago). On the way over I was in the middle section, i.e. no window. I didn't miss anything. On the way back I had a window seat and only looked out for 10-15 minutes in a vain attempt to see the Great Wall after departing from Beijing.

Only a minority of people actually get window seats as it stands, and most people who I know travel frequently prefer the aisle seat.

It's just a hunch, but I believe many of those that prefer a window seat would give up that option if it meant their own seat was wider and/or had a little more leg room.

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