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Comment: For the cops that oppose (Score 2) 611

by Ogive17 (#47767635) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras
Just like everything else in this country, a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us.

My dad is a retired cop, very honest guy (though maybe I'm a bit biased). Most of the guys on the force were genuine good guys, of course there was 1 or 2 jackass's that would do stupid shit.

If a chest cam is going to eliminate the contradictions between the cop and the suspect, so be it. A few thousand people died 13 years ago in a terrorist attack and now the rest of us who want to fly on a commercial aircraft are treated as potential terrorists.

Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 2) 144

by Ogive17 (#47672287) Attached to: Telegram Not Dead STOP Alive, Evolving In Japan STOP
If they used hiragana (phonetic) it would be quite simple. I believe there are just 71.

My wife is Japanese and her family name is so rare that almost no one would know how to pronounce it by reading the kanji. Common names like Yamamoto can be read literally, my wife must always include the hiragana with her name.

Comment: Hoping for better solution (Score 1) 383

by Ogive17 (#47646897) Attached to: DARPA Wants To Kill the Password
At work I have so many passwords with different requirements and different reset schedules that I had to turn to the low tech approach of writing every one down on a post it note and hiding it under my calculator on my desk. I do take my laptop home every evening.

Interesting enough, email is the only program we no longer have to sign in to each time, and it also does not time out after inactivity like every other program. That is the place where most sensitive business information would be located. All they would need to do is crack my windows password (while also knowing my login name).

I wish I could log in to windows and do one authentication to unlock every other program I use routinely.

Comment: Re:Weakest US President ever (Score 4, Insightful) 582

by Ogive17 (#47545483) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine
Mid-east fighting, 2000 years and going strong. Yes, clearly not having peace there is Obama's fault...

I just don't get this bravado from some Americans that think we should be directly involved in every conflict around the globe. Ironically, all these global conflicts are a huge drain on the national treasury. Can't cut the budgets and join a few wars at the same time.

Comment: Re:They made a decision that's easier for them. (Score 1) 659

by Ogive17 (#47001999) Attached to: Future of Cars: Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Or Electric?
Honda's Clarity (which has been available through a special limited lease program for a few years now) uses the hydrogen to power an electric motor, not an internal combustion engine.

It's basically an electric car that replaces the battery stack with a fuel tank. As we know, electric vehicles right now are limited by battery technology. In my opinion, what Honda is doing could easily transition from hydrogen to battery stack if it becomes quite clear that battery techonlogy "has arrived".

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