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Submission + - Copyright proliferation reaches logical conclusion

kaysan writes: EMI Music Group has announced they have ceased installing copyright protection on their Cd's. EMI was the last record label left to employ such measures on that carcass of an information-carrier, the Compact Disc. An EMI official disclosed the record company believed copyright protection did their market more harm than good. I included a somewhat older link, as i heard the scoop on radio news this morning. This news has yet to appear on the net; its that fresh!

Submission + - Dark Cloud Over Good Works of Gates Foundation

theodp writes: "Justice Eta, a Nigerian infant, has an ink spot on his tiny thumb to show he was immunized against polio and measles thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But Justice still faces respiratory trouble, which locals call 'the cough' and blame on fumes and soot spewing from 300-foot flames at a nearby oil plant owned by Itallian energy giant Eni, whose investors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Part one of an L.A. Times investigation reports that the world's largest philanthropy pours money into investments that are hurting many of the people its grants aim to help. With the exception of tobacco companies, the foundation's asset managers do not avoid investments in firms whose activities conflict with the mission to do good."

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