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+ - Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2013->

Submitted by Oflameo
Oflameo (2806007) writes "The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is back after its hiatus in 2012, and it is back with a new venue. It is now in its sixth year and has the distinction of being the oldest event of this type in the United States of America. Key members of the Perl community come from across the country to participate in this event."
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+ - NSA Firing 90% of it's Sysadmins->

Submitted by sl4shd0rk
sl4shd0rk (755837) writes "Director of the NSA, Keith Alexander, has decided that the best way to
prevent illegal activity, or rather be witness to it, is to reduce the number of ears and eyes involved. During a monolog at a cybersecurity conference in New York this week, Alexander revealed his plans to cut 90% of the System Administration workforce at the NSA. "What we're in the process of doing — not fast enough — is reducing our system administrators by about 90 percent," he said. Alluding to an issue of mistrust, Alexander further clarified: "At the end of the day it's about people and trust...if they misuse that trust they can cause huge damage.". Apparently, breaking the law and lying about it leaves one without a sense of irony when speaking in public."

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+ - Ask Slashdot: Are Linux Users Groups (LUGs) still relevant?

Submitted by Oflameo
Oflameo (2806007) writes "How relevant are Linux Users Groups in today's age? I tried going to my local LUG for a couple years but generally left me under stimulated, it was in a bad neighborhood of town, and most of the members were more interested in socializing than talking about the news, technology, or education.

I quit it about eight months ago due to gratuitous internal politics. Me and a friend were thinking about starting another one but we don't currently don't have the critical mass of 4 knowledgeable people in accordance to I really didn't miss being in a LUG that much because I can do all the things I needed to do over the Internet and I socialize in the other clubs I'm in.

I don't understand how much Linux Users Groups actually influence Free Open Software and Free Culture in this day and age with the stability and the throughput of the Internet.

Do you think Linux Users Groups are still relevant? How relevant Do you think they are? Do you think I should try to start one even if I don't have critical mass?"

+ - Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency ->

Submitted by tlhIngan
tlhIngan (30335) writes "An East Texas federal judge has concluded that Bitcoin is a currency (can be used as money) that can be regulated under American Law. The conclusion came during the trial of Trendon Shavers, who is accused of running the Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST) as a Ponzi scheme. Shavers had argued that since the transactions were all done in Bitcoins, no money changed hands and thus the SEC has no jurisdiction. The judge found that since Bitcoins may be used to purchase goods and services, and more importantly, can be converted to conventional currencies, it is a form of currency and investors wishing to invest in the BTCST provided an investment of money, and thus the SEC may regulate such business"
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Comment: As long as it works when I need it... (Score 1) 311

by Oflameo (#42840335) Attached to: Moving the Linux Kernel Console To User-Space
As long as it works when I need it such as when I want to play nethack or when I borked my system up when I'm experimenting, I don't care. If it makes my system function like the current version of Debian testing and I lose access to tty 1-6 because I started X on tty 7 I am against it because I needed those.

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