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Submission + - White House internet quality and wifi dead spots (mashable.com)

OffTheLip writes: According to US president Barack Obama the White House has wifi dead spots and spotty quality. Obama said improvements are planned for the next occupants. In a pregame Super Bowl interview the Obama's were asked about the wifi among other things. According to Obama, "You know that whole tech thing, we've been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks," President Obama replied. "This is an old building so there's a lot of dead spots where the WiFi doesn't work...no, actually it's an issue." Assuming the tactical networks function properly in restricted spaces it seems odd there would not be more attention to general internet connectivity for the first family.

Comment Face facts, she is not going to admit anything (Score 5, Insightful) 348

While the subject line specifically pertains to the email challenge for Clinton's campaign the pattern is the same. Say nothing until forced to, assume a disengaged electorate will forget, or not care to begin with, then crank out the next "talking point" all on her terms.

Comment SF-86 forms (Score 4, Insightful) 93

Very detailed histories of a persons family, including SSN's, were part of the heist via Form SF-86. Being a longtime defense department contractor whose security clearance details were likely compromised I am pissed. The forms included personal info from friends gracious enough to vouch for my veracity as a trusted agent for the US government. We were expected to protect paper and electronic copies of this form as we would other sensitive data. The joke appears to be on us.

Comment investing in your future (Score 4, Insightful) 583

Possibly off-topic but now that I am a very seasoned tech worker facing retirement starting investing in your future literally is my vote. There is nothing like time and compound interest so new grads, setup and contribute to that saving plan (401k, 403b). Pay yourself first, you will not regret it.

Comment Lived off desalinated for 2 years (Score 1) 332

Back in the 60's I lived on the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and our water source was a desalination plant. Extra water was stored in a old ship anchored in the bay. The climate there is similar to SoCal, arid and mountainous. Sounds like a reasonable approach to take and should it rain stored desalinated water would provide a backup plan, which they need.

Comment Clear to me (Score 5, Informative) 609

Ms. Clinton can use her private server for anything personal anytime she wants. Her government business, especially cabinet level correspondence, must originate from a state.gov address. During my work for the DoD email messages had to be digitally signed with a government issued smart card (CAC) to provide authenticity. It's a tenant of best practices. I can't imagine the State Department not adhering to the same standard of security when doing the people's business.

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