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Journal Journal: I'm not alone aparently...

Right now my .sig is...

Your civilization has built the Internet.(+2sci) This obsoletes the Hollywood wonder.(+1hap)

It looks like I'm not the only one who feels this way. It looks like the internet really has replaced at least the TV for those who use it.

Yahoo news link

Journal Journal: friend flag.

I guess I'll talk about slashdot. I think the friends page needs a date friendship started field. I wouldn't people becoming a friend just because they need a favor. I have been nameing people as friends if I think they have well thought out opinions and ideas. Friends have been getting plus ones. This is defiantly a good feature.

If you found me through your fans page, while I may not agree, I think you have interesting things to say.

I don't think I'll name any foes for now. If you can't say anything nice..

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