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Comment: Re:Price and overhead (Score 1) 551

by Odineye (#22206802) Attached to: Multitasking Makes You Stupid and Slow
No argument to the idea that there are professions that currently may require multitasking, though I would dispute your examples. Communicating while flying is simply part of the pilot's task - it is a part of the process of flying. Similarly, in a properly run emergency room cases are treaged as they come in, specifically to allow proper, hierarchical focus from one case to the next. The treage process will typicallly not be handled by the treating physician, but rather by other personnell. When the physician gets to you she will assess you, write her orders for a nurse or PA to carry out, and move on to the next case. Done well its very much like what I described. If it's not done well then I don't want to be treated there. Lastly, if you are the sort of person who "loves" or believes in your multitasking oriented job you are probably not looking for any suggestions on how to change it, which is where this thread atarted in the first place. That person is not relevant to the conversation.

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