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Comment: Reference Board (Score 1) 4

by Oculus Habent (#29841523) Attached to: [Atom 330] The culprit of the slowdown
I'm using the Atom 330 Intel Reference Board as a Hackintosh, and it's pretty serviceable. It's no speed demon, but it surfs adequately. I use it as my primary coding box at work, running a 24" 1920x1200 monitor on the Intel graphics (945G?). It does light duty transcoding commercials for customers... hard work for the system but the Mac software I use makes it too easy to do anything else. It's fast enough for short videos, but it chokes on Hulu. Glad to hear you got the problem under control
User Journal

Journal: Interface 2

Journal by Oculus Habent
OK, seriously... it took me two minutes to figure out that my last journal was too old to comment in... just couldn't seem to see that line of text in the haze of an interface.

Comment: Mac Notes (Score 1) 5

by Oculus Habent (#26169217) Attached to: MacJournal
Hey, cool about the new MBP. Some quick notes that may make your life easier: There's a "ignore accidental trackpad input" option in Trackpad under System Preferences, which should cut down on finding your cursor wandering around your textarea or word processing document. The second, which I love, is under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane. The setting is "All Controls" under Full Keyboard Access. This lets you tab through buttons on dialog boxes or links in web pages, and more. Very nice. -- Oculus

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