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Comment: NTFS performance (Score 1) 271

by Ocrad (#38599116) Attached to: Linux 3.2 Has Been Released

What, in your opinion, makes NTFS a pain in your ass?

For example performance with very large files.

Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] ddrescue. NTFS-3g eating 100%. Solved by switching to ext3

I had a ddrescue imaging to a file on an ntfs partition (mounted with ntfs-3g) on a USB drive on Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD. It was going slower and slower, although number of errors was not increasing. I tried all the ddrescue options I could find, but nothing helped - it was working for 5 days already and was slowing down so much so it would never end. By the time I stopped it it copied 112Gb out of 223Gb.
Then I noticed that ntfs-3g was eating 100% cpu. So, I created an ext3 partition on the same USB drive, copied my image file and log there and restarted ddrescue.
Boy! it finished in a couple of hours!

Comment: Re:It is if the linker complains about not finding (Score 1) 219

by Ocrad (#20043175) Attached to: Don't Overlook Efficient C/C++ Cmd Line Processing

getopt() is in the header <unistd.h>, which is in POSIX, not ANSI. POSIX facilities are not guaranteed to be present on W*nd?ws systems. It also handles only short options, not long options. For those, you have to use getopt_long() of <getopt.h>, which isn't even in POSIX.
You can also use Arg_parser and avoid all the portability problems of getopt_long.

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