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Comment Re:Nope... (Score 1) 528

Trespass is not a criminal offense. The home-owner would need to take him to court for a tort. However, he would not find a lawyer interested enough to attempt to make a court booking. In my opinion no court would waste its time on a trivial trespass case. It would be sent to an arbitrator who would talk them out of it and send them both a bill.

Comment Re:Pretty chilling honestly (Score 1) 548

Not alarming at all, but quite sensible. THe DOJ has limited resources so it has to make judgements about how best to employ them. It should aim where it thinks it has the best chances of detecting breaches of federal laws. I think aiming at these dubious business is a good strateg. People dealing with drugs, porno, sex, ponzi scams, gambling, telemarketing etc, do seem to me to be more likely to reward some DOJ investigation.

Comment Re:Customers may benefit... maybe (Score 1) 455

Agreed, but notice how the long Aldi conveyor ends abruptlyat the cash register after which is a very short counter that can hold only a couple of items. There the fast swiping check out chick expects you to quickly load your own bags (or buy new bags) to stop items piling up on your side and falling off the edge. There is no bag loading service. This means that you cannot watch the prices going through the till because you are too busy trying to keep up, and they will snap nastily at you if you fail. There is always a long queue on each register at my Aldi. If one ever it becomes short, the operator closes that lane to make the other queues longer. You cannot time your visits better, because even during slack periods of the week there will be a long queue on the only register operating. A quick purchase of one item is never possible.
If the queues are all too long I will dump my pile anywhere and walk out: in the hope that the manager will realize that this policy is costing sales and re-stacking time.
Aldi charges a fee for providing a cart, even though some are usually available for free outside in the car park. And, it charges a percentage fee for using your credit card. Traditions from Germany, I guess.

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