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Comment: Is it just me? (Score -1) 139 139

The whole idea of the grandfather paradox always seemed absurd to me (along the same lines as Zeno's paradox of a runner never being able to reach a finish line because he'd have to cross an infinite number of subdivisions first). It sounds clever until you actually think about it.

Comment: Re:Is this technically impossible - no. (Score 2) 191 191

If you think marking a U2 album as "purchased" across all users' accounts is comparable to cracking strong encryption or secretly stealing private keys from remote devices, you really have no business commenting on this.

Comment: No it does not (Score 1) 323 323

Even if they only do it after the users explicitly turn on the feature to push music down to their phones, and then it still will only work over wifi unless the users explicitly turn on another feature to "download over cellular"? You really think they have no business doing exactly what the user has asked for?

Comment: Re:Downloading music for free? Scandelous! (Score 1) 323 323

If a) I already knew you and had set up an arrangement to grant you access to my home to deliver books that I've purchased in the same manner, and b) you ONCE put a free book that you, the store owner (not the publisher), paid for as a promotion, then I would not be upset about it...EVEN IF it were not a book I wanted, because the solution would be to throw away/give away the book, and then my "problem" would be solved.

Comment: Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458 458

I'm not sure if you're being willfully obtuse or not. AMC refers to and sells the 8 episodes as "Breaking Bad: Season 5". You can debate the merits of that all you wish, but are you seriously suggesting that Apple (or Amazon, or any other retailer) are being disingenuous for listing the product as "Season 5" and selling it as a single season?

Comment: Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 2) 458 458

If AMC gives Apple a bundle of episodes to sell and calls it "Season 5", how would you reasonably expect Apple to advertise it? Would you expect other retailers to be similarly liable? Amazon is selling all 8 episodes of "Season 5" right now - does that make them liable if I bought their season pass option?

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