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Comment: Doesn't go far enough (Score 1) 799

by Obermeister (#26552029) Attached to: Battlestar Galactica's Last Days
"SFFMedia illustrates how Battlestar Galactica exposes the moral dilemmas, outrages, and questionable believes of the present as effectively (but more entertainingly) than any documentary or news program." As effectively? Hell no, they did it a thousand times better! BSG really brought home the idea to me that suicide bombing actually makes a lot of sense sometimes. I can't imagine a news program could ever have done that. I think SciFi is like comedy in our society - useful for discussing difficult things that are taboo to discuss openly. Certainly they are following in the traditions of Star Trek in this regard(not the most recent series which were drek).

Comment: Re:Not good enough. (Score 2, Interesting) 1044

by Obermeister (#26536323) Attached to: 6 Pennsylvania Teens Face Child Porn Charges For Pics of Selves
I have my own theory. It's all about the Benjamins. It's not about protecting people, it's about giving the system lots of money. The parents of these kids will now each need to retain the services of lawyers to try and minimize the unspeakable harms the state will now attempt to do to their lives. If they can't afford that, then they get to go to jail and employ lots of other people in the "justice system".

Comment: Re:Negative headlines sell better (Score 1) 737

by Obermeister (#26150431) Attached to: What the Papers Don't Say About Vaccines
While I don't have any problem with the idiots who die because they aren't vaccinated, I do have a problem with all the people who end up dying because they have a suppressed immune system because they are doing Chemo, or in the case of children too young to be vaccinated. Measles is one of the most contagious diseases ever, so some all-natural luddite bringing their measles-infected spawn into the ER is probably enough to infect everyone in the same room who isn't vaccinated, from what I've heard

Comment: Re:Justice Still Not Done (Score 1) 260

by Obermeister (#25874115) Attached to: Misdemeanor Plea Ends Norwich Pornography Case
I totally concur on this point. I was only ever involved in a jury selection once. I answered every question truthfully and thoughtfully. There were several other intelligent people who also gave very thoughtful answers to some of the questions we were asked. ALL of us were rejected for the jury. The only people that were accepted were those who were pretty noncommittal during the entire process.

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