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Comment: Re:Err... (Score 1) 194

by Oberix (#30597320) Attached to: Italy May Censor Torrent Sites

Preserving and nurturing culture is about shoving our heritage out of forgotten archives on ITMS (or whatever you fancy) and provide easy, cheap access to it.

I agree, but this is just one aspect of what culture may mean.

I understand what you mean, TPB doesn't necessary spread any culture, but I'm saying that this decision by the "Corte di Cassazione" is just not healthful for italian culture because it comes after a series of negative positions adopted by the italian government about the Internet. What an average italian person should think of a media that he knows of only because he see his sons playing with it (maybe for too many hours a day), and the govern and control organs continuosly depict it as, if not evil, full of garbage?

What need be done to

take back our culture

is convice all of the italians that Internet is the media of our time in history, and how it's essential to keep safe our intellectual freedom.

Comment: Italy's ignorance about the Internet (Score 1) 194

by Oberix (#30593326) Attached to: Italy May Censor Torrent Sites
Maybe what Italy mostly needs in terms of tecnology is much more knowledge. Not only from the government side, but mainly from the citizens. In Italy les than 50% of the pepoles have an acces to the Internet, and how may of those peoples do you thing actually know how to get around a DNS block (this is what they did last time they decided to block The Pirate Bay)? Furthermore it's to notice that bitTorrent is not so much popular in Italy (at last as far as I can see in my experience), the mostly used p2p protocol is still eDonkey. This denotes a double ignorance: from the "Corte di Cassazione" side is that they decided to block TPB because they know it as a web site (the only part of the Internet they have a bare idea of what it is an how to block it), while they have no idea of what an eDonkey server is, or even how to connect to it. While from the citizens side few knows of TPB, fewer knows of bitTorrent and only some nerdy tecnitians know what DHT just means (almost nobody knows how it actually works). So what's the point of blocking TPB? IMO this is just a way to meet the favor of other UE countries taking measures against file shearing systems.

Nvidia's RealityServer 3.0 Demonstrated 91

Posted by kdawson
from the your-avatar-here dept.
robotsrule writes "As we discussed last month, RealityServer 3.0 is Nvidia's attempt to bring photo-realistic 3D images to any Internet-connected device, including the likes of Android and iPhone. RealityServer 3.0 pushes the CPU-killing 3D rendering process to a high-power, GPU based, back-end server farm based on Nvidia's Tesla or Quadro architectures. The resulting images are then streamed back to the client device in seconds; such images would normally take hours to compute even on a high-end unassisted workstation. Extreme Tech has up an article containing an interview with product managers from Nvidia and Mental Images, whose iray application is employed in a two-minute video demonstration of near-real-time ray-traced rendering." Once you get to the Extreme Tech site, going to the printable version will help to preserve sanity.

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