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Comment: Re:Emma Watson is full of it (Score 4, Insightful) 590

by OakDragon (#47984551) Attached to: Emma Watson Leaked Photo Threat Was a Plot To Attack 4chan

False. Completely false. Why do you persist in this nonsense? Women, in the same career field as a man, almost always makes less. They only place it's close is in a wage controlled environments. Where a person doing X classification makes the same by contract. Even in those case women rise through the class slower then men. This is a real problem. Why does this scare you?.

This is just not true. Once you factor in time & effort on the job, the gap nearly closes. Women choose to place domestic priorities higher than men. Why does this scare you?

Comment: Re:Similar to "Runaround" in I, Robot... (Score 1) 165

by OakDragon (#47920489) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics

I have not yet read "Runaround". The story reminded me of the Star Trek: Voyager episode, Latent Image

The Doctor eventually discovers a conspiracy by the crew to keep him from remembering events that led to the holographic equivalent of a psychotic break. The trouble started when a shuttlecraft was attacked, causing several casualties. The Doctor was faced with making a choice between two critically injured patients - Ensign Jetal and Ensign Kim - with an equal chance of survival, but a limited amount of time in which the Doctor could act, meaning that he had to choose which of the two to save. The Doctor happened to choose Ensign Harry Kim; Jetal died on the operating table. As time passed, the Doctor was overpowered by guilt, believing that his friendship with Harry somehow influenced his choice

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