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by OakDragon (#47422087) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

However, more interesting is the idea that every new car sold in America will be electric. For that to happen, it would mean electric cars are cost competitive with gasoline cars. I can't see from the paper why they think it will happen within that timeframe.

Nope. Obama just issues an executive order, Congress sits on its hands, and John Roberts declares it a "tax", and we're done!

+ - YouTube issuing "report cards" on carriers' streaming speeds

Submitted by OakDragon
OakDragon (885217) writes "In the shadow of the "Net Neutrality" debate, Google's YouTube has created a service to report on your carrier's usage and speed, summarizing the data in a "Lower/Standard/High Definition" graph. You may see the service offered when a video buffers or stutters. A message could display under the video asking "Experiencing interruptions? Find out why." Find your own provider's grade here."

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People should remember what Citizens United v. FEC was about : they were barred from advertising their movie (Hillary : The Movie). The law sought to clamp down on "advocacy advertising" 30 days before a primary election, or 60 days before a general election. The FEC construed the movie promos were such advertisements. And that is crap. Could a far reaching FEC construe newspaper editorials as advocacy advertisement and censor them?

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No one is being deprived of medical benefits. The individual is of course free to pursue these things outside of the employer plan. I did actually see a tweet where a guy was wondering if a manager at Hobby Lobby saw a woman taking a morning-after pill in the break room, could he smack it out of her hand. I have no idea if he was serious or not.

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