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Submission + - Windows 3.1 Glitch Causes Problems at French Airport - Wait, 3.1? (

OakDragon writes: Microsoft has tamped down the earth on XP's grave, steering Internet Explorer toward the nursing home, and trying to get everyone agreeing that Windows 10 is a bright up-and-comer. But in the Paris airport of Orly, a system called DECOR — which helps air traffic controllers relay weather information to pilots — is running on Windows 3.1. That program suffered a glitch recently that grounded planes for some time. The airport actually runs on a variety of old systems, including Windows XP and UNIX. Maintenance is a problem. There are only three people in Paris that work on DECOR issues, and one of them is retiring soon. Hardware is also an issue. "Sometimes we have to go rummaging on eBay to replace certain parts," said Fiacre. "In any case, these machines were not designed to keep working for more than 20 years."

Comment Re:Disruptive? (Score 1) 330

Smoking = carcinogens Pickling = excessive salt Canning = Preservatives Refrigeration = lower temperature I choose refrigeration .

Come on mods. "Insightful"? Bunch of stupid millennials ya'll are.

Smoking is not the same as barbecue or burned meat juice/flesh and doesn't contain the same level alleged carcinogens.

Maybe the OP thought that you made a smoked ham by getting the pig addicted to Marlboros.

Comment Alcoholics Anonymous (Score 1) 373

Another simple one to trace was the stream of invitations to drug and alcohol rehab centers that I’d been getting ever since I’d consulted an online calendar of Los Angeles–area Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Since membership in AA is supposed to be confidential, these emails irked me.

Of course the author just told the readership of The Atlantic... and by extension many others.

On a serious note, I wonder what online calendar it was? Anyway, the AA meetings are "secret." Not so much searches.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 0) 822

Wait. I can't tell: was GP supposed to be liberal or libertarian.

"You shouldn't have a right to own handguns." - that is not a libertarian statement, it's a "liberal" one (or progressive if you want to quibble about the modern, U.S. usage of "liberal" versus the "classic liberal").

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