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Journal: I give up on Slashdot 2 2

There have always been pompous dicks on Slashdot. I could deal with that, but when it comes to having to deal with the pompous dickholes AND being advertised to through "news" stories (Watchmen, Iron Man, etc...)... I just can't deal with that.

+ - Olympic Tickets Contain Microchip->

OMNIpotusCOM writes: For the first time in history your ticket to the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies will contain a microchip with information about you, including photograph, passport details, addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers. The stated intent is to keep trouble makers out of the 91,000-seat National Statdium so that they cannot cause disruptions while China is on world-wide television, but it brings up serious concerns for privacy and identity theft.
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The Military

+ - Last Known Surviving US WW1 Vet Honored-> 1 1

OMNIpotusCOM writes: I don't know exactly what this has to do with nerds, but the times that Frank Buckles lived in affected the world, and is definitely stuff that matters. Frank is the last known surviving World War I veteran — the last doughboy — and has had quite a life. He enlisted by lying about his age, spent time in German and France during the war, worked to return prisoners of war back to Germany after Armistice Day, and now spends a lot of his time at 107 giving interviews and lectures. He's surprised by the interest in World War I, he says, "but the timing in history has been such and it's been unreal." It is an interesting read for anyone, regardless of where they live and their thoughts on war.
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First Person Shooters (Games)

+ - Free Steam Games For Nvidia Owners->

OMNIpotusCOM writes: Those of you who have a valid Steam account and us an Nvidia card can download free games from Steam by visiting this site. The games are Portal (demo), Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, HL2: Lost Coast, and Peggle Extreme. It says it's a limited time offer by has no expiration date, so I'm sure as soon as it's Slashdotted they'll take it off.
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+ - Microsoft Still Wants Yahoo!->

OMNIpotusCOM writes: CNN is reporting Microsoft still wants Yahoo! and is willing to talk about deals that don't involve acquisition!

"Microsoft is considering and has raised with Yahoo! an alternative that would involve a transaction with Yahoo! but not an acquisition of all of Yahoo!," according to a statement released by Microsoft on Sunday.

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+ - Marble Caesar Found In Underwater Treasure Trove->

OMNIpotusCOM writes: CNN, among others, are reporting the discovery of the oldest known representation of one of the world's most famous rulers found in the Rhone River. The marble bust shows a wrinkled and weathered Caesar and is believed to have been carned around 46 B.C. A statue of Nepture and a satyr are also being reported.
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+ - EV-71 8x Worse Than Two Weeks Ago->

OMNIpotusCOM writes: The EV-71 virus that was previously reported on Slashdot has spread rapidly throughout China, with its capital reporting its first case on Wednesday. Nearly 25,000 children are now affected, a number eight times what it was on May 3, with a death toll rising to over 70. The first child to become affected in Beijing also became Beijing's first death from this virus. This increase in infections was announced a few days after the 7.9 earthquake which killed or left missing thousands. How long will it be before this is taken seriously?
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VeriSign Granted a Patent Covering SiteFinder 85 85

An anonymous reader writes "Remember VeriSign's SiteFinder? Turns out that a couple of months back VeriSign was granted a patent on resolving unregistered domains. This came about thanks to its acquisition of eNic, operator of the .CC Domain. How long before Verizon, Earthlink, and OpenDNS are hit up for licensing fees?"

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