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Comment Re: Government monopolies are not fair competition (Score 1) 182

Well... I don't know where you live or how much your house cost, but in most places, almost none of the cost is due to regulation. It is mostly property value and arbitrary markup so the builders and the dozen executives that work for them can all be multimillionaires. I say that because my father in law is one of them.

Build em cheap and price them high... daddy gotta get a new King Ranch.

Comment Re: Is it a good game? (Score 1) 203

Why? The law is pretty cut and dry on this, and the copyright holders are merely protecting their rights. $5400 is hardly anything at all compared to the bullshit from the MPAA and RIAA.

The way copyright works, the holders are just about forced into suing over every little transgression.

Comment Re: Of course, this is natural. (Score 2, Insightful) 164

Except the two "4G" technologies and marketing that don't meet the 4G standard didn't come from U.S. carriers, they came from European and Asian carriers, who then pressured ITU-R into accepting that marketing as 4G even though it didn't meet the standard.

So, sorry to spoil your U.S. Americorp conspiracy, but we were late to the party on that bullshit.

Comment Re:Slap on the wrist (Score 4, Insightful) 494

Hmm... how about, a big message telling the rest of the free market to not fuck around with regulation and try to cheat the system. Someone, somewhere, probably many times, will say to themselves 'Well.. I could shortcut x,z,y... not legal but...' And then 'well... then again, remember what happened to VW'

I blame the long history of governments 'letting it slide' with the banks, Intel, Microsoft, and numerous other big companies for a lot of the major corporate abuses we are seeing today.

Comment Re: Why do we need a nanny state? (Score 1) 54

This is a country in which it is widely believed that you can die from sleeping in a room with a fan because the fan will soffocate you. Common sense doesn't seem widely available there, and given their other, existing nanny-state crime/drug/gun laws, this is just part for the course for them.

Comment Re:Wicked-cool Collectable (Score 1) 112

That's not true at all... $28,500 will easily buy you a low miles, few year old 135i convertible w/ M sport suspension/wheels in otherwise spotless condition and leave you money left over for many months of hookers and beer.

Or if cars aren't your thing... it'd just barely buy you a BMW S1000RR and an AR-15 with a 'fun switch' (lightning link or registered receiver).

Comment Re: sorry son (Score 1) 369

No, he definitely got that blood and powder burn when he was on his knees, arms splayed while he was screaming "Father why have you forsaken me?!". Then God gave him stigmata just before he was executed in full view of the whole black community.

At least according to his friend and race baiters.

Comment Re: Newtonian physics (Score 1) 369

Yea, this idea is dumb. A typical 9mm bullet has the same momentum of a baseball thrown by a 10 year old. Quarter thar momentum and this bullet isn't going to do anything to stop anyone. Would be akin to getting hit by a paintball.

Frankly, I don't want the police to have less lethal alternatives. I would rather they have more lethal alternatives like rifles. I just wish the legal system held police accountable when they misused their power and the police knew they would be scrutinized.

The problem isn't the tool, the problem is the system that let's police get away with abusing their tools.

Comment Re: pros and cons (Score 3, Informative) 502

Your causality is backwards. The cost to build each F-35 isn't all that much. What makes it "expensive" is the total development cost divided by a small number made. Same problem the F-22 had. Cost a fortune to design and progress the technology, but each individual airplane cost less than half what their overall cost is, since they only made 187 combat aircraft.

The F35 is a lot like a dual sport motorcycle. It can't keep up with the sport bikes (F-22, F-15, F-16) at track days, and it can't keep up with MX bikes (A-10) at the dirt track, but it is awfully good at the 90% of the rest of the time uses.

Its second big issue is that the Pentagon canceled the engine that was designed to go in it, which had twice the power of the current engine. That is also why it lost VTOL capability. Then they cut the dual engine dogfigter which was proposed after the more powerful version was cut.

The end result is that we have a QB with one leg broken, and thefans are demanding pushing contests with defensive linemen and races with running backs.

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