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Comment Re:LaserJet II and LaserJet 3 (Score 1) 702 702

We have a LJ4V bought to do tabloid-sized stuff. The only problem with it is that there are no toner cartridges any more. HP quit making them, and the new-old-stock ones all have internal parts that have lost their plasticizers and cause everything to print grey. Sad...

Comment Great way to lose money, I think... (Score 1) 349 349

I occasionally do sound reinforcement for a non-profit arts-promoting organization. I used to play music before events, just to fill the dead air. Gave me an excuse to buy interesting CDs to play that fit with the events. After an event a while back, the organization got a nastygram from Re:Sound, telling them that per Tarriff 5 they must pay a *percentage of the gate* for events where recorded sound was used.

The result? No music is being played before events. No CDs being bought. No musicians being hired to play pre-show tunes. Lose all around.


Submission + - Replacement for Palm IIIxe needed

O'Bunny writes: "Like the subject says, I'm looking for a replacement for my aged Palm IIIxe. It's got a marked-up screen, assorted damaged plastic bits, and is generally showing its age.

I use it to keep track of appointments, keep addresses, make notes to myself, and to play games on to kill time while waiting for stuff. I also use it as a metronome and as a basic tone generator. I don't use it to read books on, to write or read emails, browse the web, etc.

Other important stuff is reliability (I'm on my 3rd Palm only because I've worn out the screens on them), pocketability (a netbook is way too big), and decent battery life. Handwriting recognition or Graffiti would be good.

I don't want a thing that is combined with a phone (got one) or a camera (got one). I don't care about color, Bluetooth, WiFi. I'd rather not be tied to a specific vendor for applications."

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