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Comment: Re:not to be an asshole... (Score 0, Flamebait) 222

by Nyxeh (#32467658) Attached to: Windows 7: The Missing Manual
"Caveat: I didn't know about the alt key in 2007." What sort of moron are you that you claim to be a tech writer yet never once, even accidentally, pressed the 'alt' key in Windows. It takes a whole special sort of stupid to be that ignorant for that long on even the most basic features of Windows. I suppose all this irritation is because you never saw the mouse sitting beside the keyboard until 2005 so you were using the keyboard only until this point, yes? *facepalm*

Comment: Re:Why is OSS good? (Score 2, Insightful) 131

by Nyxeh (#30680204) Attached to: Is Getting Acquired Good For FOSS Projects?

"Or if there's an open-source clone of your company's software, surely there's nothing stopping your company from, er, competing with it?"

Writing a copy of something is easy. Creating something new and original is hard. Any decent programmer can write a Tetris clone in under a day, yet the original probably took a much longer time to think up, prototype, design etc.

Same with other FOSS knockoffs (like Frozen Bubble) - the hard work has been done, all you need to do is make a copy of the working commercial version and you have some freedom at a fraction of the effort required by the original developer.

Make your own unique software, sure, but don't pretend ripping someone off is somehow fair competition. Come up with your own ideas - as all your free clone will do is kill the original development and thus cause the project to stagnate as there will be no more reference designs to copy.

It's the FOSS version of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

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+ - Linux isn't Windows - Is it still relevant?->

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An anonymous reader writes "I commonly see the link to this site — I am sure everyone else has seen it more than once before also — Linux isn't Windows But the question is is this still relevant? Is it representative of the current direction Linux is heading? Is it the impression we even want to give? Reading the (slightly unfair) rebuttal here, which amusingly points out that it was probably drafted in MS Word in the first place, demonstrates that even the author doesn't follow his own advice and prefers to use 'user friendly' proprietary software.

Isn't it time that we stopped linking to this and other such articles, as they only serve to reinforce the elitist and difficult reputation that Linux has gained, and is trying hard to shed?"

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Comment: This is why I don't read Slashdot anymore... (Score 0, Offtopic) 174

by Nyxeh (#28023375) Attached to: How Microsoft Degrades Their Users (In a Good Cause)
It's become the Internets equivelant of Fox News. Accolades, comments and opinions are not based on ideas or content, they are instead based on the company suggesting them and the party line. It's just a fanboy echo-chamber hell bent on promoting an agenda, with the whole concept of discussing an idea or product based on merit being entirely alien.

Comment: Re:Open-minded folks at Wikipedia? (Score 1) 235

by Nyxeh (#27703111) Attached to: Wikipedia Threatens Artists For Fair Use
You're an idiot. 1: You can trademark a word provided it is not relevant to the field it is in. Windows is a trademark. Apple is a trademark. 2: Wiki is a word, Encyclopedia is a word. Wikiencyclopedia I don't think is trademarked but you may have difficulties (IANAL). Since 'pedia' isn't a word, and Wikipedia isn't a concatenation of Wiki and Encyclopedia I really fail to see your point. 3: Micro is a word. Software is a word. So I can trademark MicrosoftArt according to you and be 100% safe from getting sued?

Comment: Re:Linux is for Geeks (Score 1) 833

by Nyxeh (#27541503) Attached to: Linux On Netbooks — a Complicated Story
Claiming I am posting things false while cherry-picking a massively skewed and biased source to back up your opinion is pretty rich. Actual usage statistics in the *real world* peg Linux usage at about 0.5%, Mac usage at about 10% and the rest is Windows (with a few percent for other random devices). I suppose it is an improvement from the 0.3% from a couple of years ago, but still nothing like the figure you provided. Unless you want to play 'that game', in which case I could try to pull figures from the Windows Update page and claim they are represntative of real world usage. I stick by my claims.

Comment: Re:Linux is for Geeks (Score 1) 833

by Nyxeh (#27540635) Attached to: Linux On Netbooks — a Complicated Story
But years ago people like you were saying exactly the same thing - Linux is perfect, it has no problems, your only problem is 'it's not windows'. Yet a couple of a years down the line somehow the problems get admitted to in the name of 'try it now, it's perfect'. No doubt in a couple of years you'll be saying the same thing. 'It used to suck, but it's so much better now'.

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