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Comment: Re:Including their own children? (Score 1) 150

by Nynaeve70 (#37224496) Attached to: Injunction Blocks "Don't Be Friends" Law For Missouri Teachers
Some school districts in Missouri (I live in Illinois, but get my news from St. Louis) were informing their teachers that it included their own children. To me, that is carrying things too far. This is from the article posted on KSDK: "The judge said the teachers' lawsuit had a good likelihood of success. His order noted that social networking sites are used extensively by teachers and that the law would have restricted online communications even between family members in which teachers are parents. "The breadth of the prohibition is staggering," Beetem wrote." Basically the law requires revisions, as I do not (personally) believe that any communication between a parent and their child or other minor relatives at a minimum needs to go through the parents' employer if the parent happens to be a teacher.

Comment: Invites? Most of us aren't seeing them. (Score 1) 1223

by Nynaeve70 (#36732226) Attached to: Google+ Already At 10 Million Users
I am getting a little tired of the bragging by people who get access to Google +. I'm among the most who have to wait 6 months to a year for the system to open to everyone before I even get to get a good look at it. I'm not complaining, but I am tired of the bragging by people who manage to try it out.

Comment: Probate is the Issue (Score 1) 246

It isn't just the writing of the will that is involved here. If the lawyer has written the will, then he/she gets more money from the estate later during probate. There are times when a lawyer is a good deal, but for something simple as I leave everything to one or two people...

Comment: As a Parent (Score 2) 258

by Nynaeve70 (#36609776) Attached to: Video Game Free Speech Ruling Aftermath
I feel it is up to a parent to choose what is best for his/her child. By the standards that some politicians are choosing my son (when younger) would have limited to "age level" reading only, when he was capable of reading adult books. (Note: One of his parents always read every book before he was allowed to read it, as we felt it was our responsibility.) My son is an adult now, but I felt and still feel it is the parent's decision for their child as they grow. Each child is different. Some children can handle different video games at different ages than others.

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