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Comment Google != Wife (Score 1) 326

I'm assuming you don't normally expect strict secrecy from your wife regarding your correspondence, your house, your phone, and your...privates. If you do expect that, you'll probably have to engage in non-default behavior. Just like here.

That house, phone, and privates all belong to her because I married her. Using your analogy, would it be too much to ask for a purely platonic web browser without everyone flaming me as commitment phobic? ;-)

The Military

Journal Journal: Joining The Navy After High School - A Slashdotter's View

As many of the folks on my friends list know, I'm an active duty member of the United States Navy. Prior to enlistment, I spent a few years as a general I.T. nerd, doing software development (desktop and web applications, mostly on Linux) and network security work. At age 25, I made the decision to enlist in the Navy, and have been extremely happy with my decision ever since.

Journal Journal: Indian Operation Successfully Removes 20,000 Cows

After enacting the most comprehensive legislation to date, regarding the controversial cow menace in Haryana, India, it is being reported that the one year milestone can claim more than 20,000 cows have been successfully removed from the streets. The legislation required a yearly registration of all animals within municipal limits, proof of diseaselessness, heavy fines for violators, and selling off o

Submission + - Spore + DRM = FAIL

TheMonkeyhouse writes: from

"Spore gets hammered on Amazon for DRM. Will Wright's Spore was released today and the reviews on Amazon are abysmal. When I checked, 38 of 47 reviews gave it one lonely star. I'm not particularly interested in games, but what's fascinating here is that the dominant reason for the low reviews appears to be that folks are really ticked off by EA's use of DRM. This may be a genuine expression of outrage from disappointed buyers or it may just be the fad-du-jour to post a hostile comment — I don't think that the original motivation matters much. Fact is, any visitor to the product page is currently overwhelmed with angry negative posts in the comments; any other comments about the game itself are easily lost in the noise."

the FULL game plus cracks and creature packs are available as pirate torrent downloads and are very popular!

Journal Journal: Farmers Test New Diet To Reduce Environmental Harm From Cows 3

A new diet is being introduced, to cattle in Britain, that has been developed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their digestive process. The specific gas being reduced is Methane, which has over 20 times the heat trapping effect of carbon dioxide. Farmers participating in the trial have also reported a 15% higher milk yield.

Submission + - Cern's Hadron Collider Goes Live Wednesday 1

sightandsound writes: The world's biggest, most highly-anticipated physics experiment comes online this week, as the first beam of particles begins to circulate around a 17-mile underground racetrack that lies beneath France and Switzerland. The $9 billion Large Hadron Collider, 20 years in the making, represents the work of at least 7,000 scientists from 60 countries, including a contingent from the Boston area that spent years, or entire careers, working on this project.

Submission + - SPAM: Anti-terrorism laws used to spy on noisy children

Anti-Globalism writes: "The RIPA was introduced to help fight terrorism and crime. But a series of extensions, first authorised by David Blunkett in 2003, mean that Britain's 474 councils can use the law to tackle minor misdemeanours.

Councils are using the Act to tackle dog fouling, the unauthorised sale of pizzas and the abuse of the blue badge scheme for disabled drivers.

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph found that three quarters of local authorities have used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 over the past year.

The Act gives councils the right to place residents and businesses under surveillance, trace telephone and email accounts and even send staff on undercover missions."

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Submission + - Daily emails from slashdot have stopped 1

alcannistraro writes: "I have stopped receiving the daily email that lists top slashdot items. I've checked my account and it seems to be in order. The emails are not going into my junk folder. Al Cannistraro"

Journal Journal: Mandatory TV Conversion Creates Complications For Prisons 12

Over-the-air analog TV is free to be received, and is considered an appropriate method to disseminate news and entertainment to prisoners in order to keep them informed of current events, to keep peace within a very stressful and often violent environment, and to reward and encourage civilized behavior for the day when they are reintegrated into society.
User Journal

Journal Journal: An observation on America this election

The primary cancer eating at America is the population, as a whole, no longer possess the skills and mental tools to discern perception from reality.

They cannot read an article, pick apart the fact, fiction, opinions, and speculation and draw a conclusion of their own. They either agree or disagree rather then view an draw a conculsion of their own.


Submission + - It Was The Month Without A Sunspot

MikeyTheK writes: For the first time in a century, we just experienced a month without sunspots. In case you wonder why you should care, there is a growing branch of climate scientists that have been studying historic sunspot activity (the record goes back to the 1700's) and comparing it to weather information to see if maybe the big giant heat source in the sky has more impact on our climate than it is being given credit for.

Journal Journal: 150,000 Mexicans March in Abduction Protest

With the rising wave of abductions, as seen earlier on Slashdot's Idle section (our offtopic humor/meme/viral video/pictures section), Mexicans have marched (Saturday video) down Mexico City's main street to bring attention to just how serious they consider this issue, and to call upon President Felipe Calderon to carry out promises to crack
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Journal Journal: The overrated tag has got to go 14

I have seen several of my posts knocked down as "overrated" lately, including some that were never moderated up. Some of this is partisan moderation - which is inevitable in a public forum. But other cases leave me wondering if I have pissed somebody off. Examples:

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