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Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 2) 408

not after having been made aware of their coordinates and location several times. Someone ordered this strike, believing there were "terrorists" treated at that facility, knowing very well it was a hospital and what the result would be, and giving no damn about it because they can get away with it. This is worse than all the other killings commited by U.S forces abroad, and people and governments must take a stand, or killings and murders like these will just continue.

I'm guessing they were told they did abortions at that hospital.

Comment We didn't have mobile phones when I was a kid (Score 1) 250

This is nice and all, but here is a few things.

This is the first generation to have mobile phone games. We never had something like this before. Plus the cost of smart phones are high, so in the past a console was an easy Xmas present every 5 years, but now cell phones are replaced every year.

Not to mention almost everyone is using a smartphone all the time now. I can't walk down the street without finding at least 50% of the people watching their phone.

So ya, we have these cool smartphones that can do a fucking lot of shit and almost everyone is using them all the time.

Kids, fuck, what do they know?

Comment Re:Who approved this? (Score 1) 54

But not as bad as GMail...

  * Storing most people's mail at one single company

  * That company making its money from sifting through the contents of the email

  * That company being based in the US

  * The US doing its best to be a dick about privacy

Now THAT is a proper train-wreck waiting to happen.

How much do you get paid to do posts like this? I'm broke for this upcoming holiday system and I think I can spread FUD about whatever company like the best of ya.

Comment Re:Kleenex, Xerox, Band-aid (Score 2) 262

All the same concept. Generic terms for what is and used to be specific brands. A 'tablet looking thing' will be refereed to as an "iPad". Same as if they were using Dell, Asus, Samsung tablet looking things.



A word you used both times describing the objects. My guess is this will be what everyone will be calling them.

Comment Re:What did the question even mean? (Score 3, Insightful) 201

all you are showing is a lack of knowledge of business. anyone that works in sales or business would have no issues understanding the sentence.

And this is why it failed. Cortana isn't working in sales or business.

I just wonder why the fuck the person didn't actually try asking his question some time before the conference to test it out? This is like compiling some code, give a person the *.exe when you never bothered to run it yourself to see if it works. Sure, you think it should work great, but it probably won't. You have to test it first. Or even worse, Nadella is a CEO who actually believes the hype wagon his company spews, and doesn't bother to actually use the products his company makes.

Idiot got what he deserved.

Comment Re:there is such a museum in Nottingham (Score -1) 51

although I wouldn't exactly call it a museum, I'd call it a fucking leech, it costs a fucking fortune to get in (£9 for a non-member!) and half the "exhibits" are either hand-off or locked in demo mode, or nonfunctional. In fact I was so disappointed in it when I went last month I won't even bother linking the website.

I can't believe that a place in California charges Pounds (&) instead of Dollars ($).

Comment 10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 5, Interesting) 280

You can't stream decent video with 10 Mbits while someone else in your house is trying to play an online game or even web browsing these days.

Worse, I have a 50 Mbit connection with Comcast and you can't stream their Xfinity stuff without buffers and pixelated/blocks showing up. Which I find amusing, that Comcast can't even stream their own shit on their own networks.

I'd say 25Mbits is the least people can use with a mostly usable internet.

And I"m saying Mbits instead of Mbps so people understand we are talking bits, not bytes.

Comment Re:Just a harmless drone this time (Score 1) 179

Until a drone is constructed entirely out of fabric, there is no such thing as a "harmless" drone (and even a fabric drone can be dangerous in certain odd circumstances).

This is something the drone-nuts don't seem to understand. At least model airplane enthusiasts understand that they are directing a rigid object at moderate speeds with (usually) open propellers rotating at high rpm. A proper understanding of what you are doing leads to some level of caution and respect for people around you. I have seen neither from any of these drone stories, not even the Amazon delivery one suggests that they will include safeguards to protect people from their drones.

Drones don't kill people, bullets do.

Comment Re:Funny how I posted this story 3 days ago (Score 1) 242

Since there is no reason to post stories to slashdot anymore, here is another link, this one is about saving the wifi from the FCC.

Plus what I posed in the original summary that was not included, seems like it's matters:
The proposed rule only affects devices operating in the U-NII bands; the portion of the spectrum used for 5GHz WiFi, and the proposed rule only affects the radios inside these devices.

Ya, once again. fuck you slashdot editors.

You've been Berkeley'ed!