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Comment: Re:Not yet (Score 1) 152

Despite advances, these figures show that FPS in 4K is still not ready for prime-time even on top-class cards.

When there are cards that can handle it, I'll think about upgrading my 1920x1200 monitor. Until then, I'll wait it out, and so can my aging graphics card.

Part of the problem is that at higher resolutions it becomes more important to use high graphics settings (high res textures, better lighting effects, further draw distance), not less. So if you're interested in 4K gaming, you'll want to do it with everything turned up to 11. The exception to this rule is anti-aliasing, which decreases in value the higher the resolution.

All 4k'rs I know use SLI. (They have have nvidia cards,980's). I wouldn't be surprised if some of them got the new card. Me, i'm cool with my 1080p and my 970.

Comment: Re:Yes, but because (Score 4, Insightful) 182

The industry was created to cover the cost of production and distribution. Both of which today are much cheaper and can me made by individuals who have not "made it" yet.

I don't agree. While I don't work in the music business, I have friends that do, some successful, some not.

The music industry wants you to think it costs a lot to put out your own albums, and it doesn't. It never has. Smart artists, like Steve Albini, figured this out, and produced their own music. Cost was a few thousand dollars.

Distributing is where the record companies have it made, until internet, because they already had a presence in store and with advertising, as long as they felt your work was worth being advertised.

When you come to the record company with no demo, no master, and they sign you a contract, you end up paying way more then you would otherwise for getting that master done, and generally, unless your first album does really good, you don't make any money and don't pay off your debt to them. So you make a second album, increasing debt, etc... Sort of like borrowing money from a loanshark.

So before the internet, you could make a master, print out records/tapes for relatively cheap, but selling them was the hard part.

Now with the internet, honestly, you'd be a fool to sign on with any major recording company.

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score 5, Informative) 407

by Nyder (#49795781) Attached to: FCC Proposes To Extend So-Called "Obamaphone" Program To Broadband

I find it amazing that not only is cable TV a "right", deserved by all, now broadband is also a "right".

/ Yo dude, check out my guv'mint subsidised Facebook post! // Yo dude, you should look into some guv'mint subsidised belts /// Yo dude, check out the brusin' I layed on my baby mama for telling me I should buy a belt!!

Overreact much?

Cable TV isn't considered a right and the Government does not give it away to poor people. Poor, can't afford Cable TV? Life sucks, you get over the air.

Nice try though.

Comment: Re:For those of us that can't get broadband... (Score 1) 407

by Nyder (#49795759) Attached to: FCC Proposes To Extend So-Called "Obamaphone" Program To Broadband

All of downtown Seattle is wired for Broadband. If your building isn't wired, it's isn't because the cable companies. Be really hard for all the business there to just use dial up. And seeing as I've known people who has lived in the various parts of downtown Seattle, and they all have broadband, even the crappy places.

I'm not a fan of the cable companies or the monopolies, but I don't understand this need to lie.

Comment: We aren't even close to A.I. (Score 1) 416

by Nyder (#49765943) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI

I love how people are focusing on the evils, but seem to miss the big picture.

We do NOT have an A.I. that is even close to having any sort of intelligence that isn't programmed in. We do NOT have machine that think for themselves, we do NOT have computers that think for themselves. we are NOT even close.

Once we make a brain that learns like we do (not programmed in), then we can run tests to see if they are learning compassion, or learning that machines only like machines.

This is like arguing about how many accidents we are going to have with our fleets of flying cars, except no one has invented a flying car yet.

Comment: Re:No good deed goes unpunished (Score 0) 107

by Nyder (#49758631) Attached to: Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud

In the old days, he'd have posted it in 2600 and we'd ALL've got some free coffee.

No free lunches anymore :[

weird, I had a dream last night I was buying a 2600 from a bookstore. It's been a long time since I've bought one though. Long time since I bought any magazine actually.

Comment: No need to learn to write? (Score 2) 387

by Nyder (#49724799) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

This is really anti-education. While handwriting isn't something as important as it was in the past, it is very important. While you can write on a tablet, I have yet to find one that is as decent as writing on paper. It's bad enough we let students graduate who can't read, but are we going to start letting students graduate without knowing how to write either?

Comment: Re:Allowing your mind to close. (Score 4, Insightful) 361

by Nyder (#49693497) Attached to: What Happens To Our Musical Taste As We Age?

I think it's something else altogether.

In your teens and early 20's you're partying hard with friends, getting laid, and making lots of good memories. The music playing at that time is the soundtrack to the happiest time of your life. Twenty plus years later and you're weighed down with a mortgage, several kids, a shit job, and an impending divorce. Now the music you hear is the soundtrack to a less wonderful part of your life.

When you're young, you can't help but be exposed to new music. You have no control of the turntable at parties, or when visiting friends. You are challenged more often and learn to enjoy it. As an adult you just press the skip button when something doesn't immediately please you.

TLDR: It's not the music, that's pretty much a constant, it's the memories you have when you were listening to that music.

Glad I'm in my 40's and I'm not weighed down by a mortgage, several kids, a shitty job and an impending divorce. I mean, seriously, what a fuck up way to look at life.

Comment: Re:I guess it depends if Comcast has the monopoly. (Score 1) 461

by Nyder (#49685955) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

> out of the Seattle city limits

Just because you're a CONservative and don't like gays doesn't mean that Capitol Hill isn't a part of Seattle. It is, and it sucks that Comcast doesn't provide service to much of the neighborhood. We have very little power politically so we can't fight back effectively enough to get Internet access. It sucks.

I live on Capital Hill. I have Comcast, I have had Centuary Link. Both gave me 5Mbps+ (I am getting 50Mbps currently with Comcast).

What is your neighborhood? Because unless you can provide some proof here, I'm saying fuck you, you are lying. I wouldn't take this position, but since you are trying to belittle me by calling me a conservative and claiming I don't like gays, I guess it's only fair I treat you with the same respect you are treating me.

Fucking twat.

Comment: Re:I guess it depends if Comcast has the monopoly. (Score 1) 461

by Nyder (#49685893) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

Faster then dialup is available for all of Seattle.

Then dial-up what? You're not making any sense.

The Director's Rules are what is preventing Comcast from serving my block. They can't install a new pedestal with their equipment. Faster than dialup is most certainly not available in all of Seattle. Just Google for "director's rules seattle internet," and you'll see more than a million results about this problem.

Which block?

How many NASA managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's a known problem... don't worry about it."