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Comment Re:Funny how I posted this story 3 days ago (Score 1) 199


Since there is no reason to post stories to slashdot anymore, here is another link, this one is about saving the wifi from the FCC.

Plus what I posed in the original summary that was not included, seems like it's matters:
The proposed rule only affects devices operating in the U-NII bands; the portion of the spectrum used for 5GHz WiFi, and the proposed rule only affects the radios inside these devices.

Ya, once again. fuck you slashdot editors.

Submission + - FCC Introduces Rules to Ban firmware modification for 5ghz Wifi devices->

Nyder writes: According to https://apps.fcc.gov/kdb/GetAt..., the FCC has proposed to block firmware modification for U-NII band, the 5ghz WiFi. While apparently this is meant for just the radio, is this a step towards having to run default firmware on our devices, with all the state sponsored backdoors still intact?
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Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 186

How would Gamestop buy it? You would presumably be given a key to activate on Steam in the box. Once activated it's attached to your steam account. The box/DVD becomes worthless, even if the game itself were on the DVD.

Gamestop hasn't bought used PC games since the mid 2000's.

Comment Re:It can't. (Score 4, Insightful) 105

Habital planets are so rare and far apart that alien life wouldn't be able to spread across the galaxy. Hell, even earth is so far away from the nearest possibly habitable planet that if we could travel 90% of the speed of light, it would take something like 10,000 years to get there. Much less a population and equipment and supplies enough to start a society.

Actually, we don't know if habitable planets are rare. We are finding a bunch and have barely look at what the universe holds. Now the traveling thing could be a problem, but maybe there are civilization on other planets that don't waste their time and resources killing each other and actually focus on science and space.

Comment WTF happens in N.Dakota to require such weapons? (Score 2) 180

I'm wondering what happens in North Dakota that requires drones with non lethal weapons to fly around? Are they planning on using this on the Native American population? Or maybe the wildlife? Or is it to keep them pesky Canadian rapists who illegally cross our border in check?

Comment Re:When you define anything as "cheating"... (Score 1) 706

Actually, some of us do. For instance, those of us who try to follow Christ also, by definition, try to give at least some consideration to how Jesus defined it:

"27 You have heard that it was said to those of old,[c] 'You shall not commit adultery.' 28 But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

(Matt. 5:27-28, NKJV)

The lesson: Big sins usually start off as small ones. Don't lust after other women, don't think about cheating, don't put yourself in the position where you might, don't neglect your marriage to the point where you feel you need to, and chances are pretty good that you won't.

We also try to remember that if God has forgiven us our sins against Him, then we also ought to be willing to forgive those who sin against us. Most marriages can be saved if both partners are willing to save it, and, sometimes, even if one of them is not.

The bible says it's okay for your daughters to get you drunk and have sex with you also.

Comment Re:"I am about to be killed, tortured, or exiled," (Score 1) 706

Actually he didn't. When he was in the US he used the site and now he is back in Saudi Arabia where he doesn't use the site. But he is afraid that what he did in the US will be exposed and will be punished for it in Saudi Arabia.

Then I guess he better move back to the United States or to another country, because his lapse of judgement might get him killed if he stays.

Comment Re:"I am about to be killed, tortured, or exiled," (Score 1) 706

So the message is "shut up and live a lie in your repressive regime"?

Be careful what you wish for. You might have to do it soon.

No, the message is, when you live in an oppressive regime, and you do something that is considered wrong there, you best hide what you do very fucking good. Putting your info on some Dating/Cheating website isn't the smartest move you can make. Mainly when the info can lead the attackers, abusers and whatnot to your door if they found out.

Comment Problem is the NSA and their overreach (Score 1) 99

I see a problem with this because of the NSA and their overreach into our private lives. They are already recording our phone calls, they already have access into the internet. So do we really want to have our computer's mic constantly hearing our conversations? MS records what your mic hears for Cortana's "improvement", what stops them from handing it over to the NSA?

Years ago I'd be considered crazy for this, but now with the NSA being who they the are, can you trust them? Can you trust MS? Can you trust your government. The same government that wants to do away with encryption?

Comment Re:Nothing New Here... (Score 2) 318

Move along, nothing to see here. Microsoft has been trying to get their hooks into everybody just like Google and Facebook. If people don't care about their privacy and allow this kind of data collection in the name of "quality" and "focusing search results and ads.." "blah blah" we'll all become human centipads.

No, don't move on, don't ignore this stuff. Doesn't matter if it's been going on before, it's wrong and is starting to get very bad. We need to be taking a firm stance against this sort of stuff.

I guess maybe you are cool with it because they pay you a fee or something, but I, like other people, are not cool with it.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.