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Comment Re:NASA says $10Bn (Score 0) 248 248

still pennies compared to the waste in ...

The problem is that waste is endemic to massive government projects. Most of the voting populace want these wealth redistribution projects more than they want the onerous rules, regulations and oversight needed to eliminate waste.

Comment Re:Hawking *can't* be so stupid... (Score 1) 208 208

I dunno.

ISTM that *constantly* blasting out Very High Wattage radio waves in *every* *spherical* *dimension* is just... wasteful. Really, really wasteful. Not to mention really polluting of the EM spectrum.

A constellation of satellites each scanning it's own region of space seems more efficient. They could also use LIDAR in the same way that we make 3D models of rooms and caves.

Comment Re:Hawking *can't* be so stupid... (Score 1) 208 208

active radar is something that a more advanced race will need more powerful versions of to track things in their solar system

Why not use transponders?

And if they're really advanced, they'll point their radars relatively close to the plane of the ecliptic where all the stuff is.

Comment Re:stop Western technology companies (Score 1) 123 123

Of course not!! *Obviously* the Chinese and Russian governments have have a long history of secular humanism and effective promotion of their citizens' welfare.

(Oh, wait. That's Denmark & Sweden back when they didn't have many dark-skinned immigrants.)

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