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Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

You seem obsessed with being very grown up.


Channeling Wikipedia: citation please.

What stake do you have in how adults enjoy their free time anyhow?

The thread started out with a question. I have my opinion on the matter, but have given no indication whatsoever that I'm on some sort of Moral Crusade to stop adults from playing Pokemon.

Comment Re:Chase cards text and email (Score 1) 345

My experience has been actually very good with Chase cards...

Ditto. The only time they ever declined *us* using the card is when we used it out-of-state and forgot to call ahead of time.

We've purchased many airline tickets from them without a peep, but have had them detect and block attempted fraud three times (issuing new cards every time).

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

No one owes you an explanation of why they enjoy the hobbies they do, so why should they have to convince you of anything?

I've already written that you (and everyone else) can ignore me, and yet while writing this (No one owes you an explanation), in another thread you write, I'm not going to ignore you.

Make up your mind.

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

since you suddenly very defensive and incapable of backing up your opinion with anything more substantial than more opinions and flimsy rhetoric.

No defensiveness; you're reading in too much. It's my opinion, because it does feel creepy.

since no one asked for them and they're completely tangential to the original article.

You do realize this is /., right?

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

Just to be clear, are you saying everyone who played and enjoyed Child of Light (with a female child protagonist), The Last of Us (that features a barely-pubescent Elle as a co-protagonist) ... is a paedophile?

I said creepy, not "jail worthy". There actually is a substantial difference.

(Young lad going to rescue a princess is sufficiently ambiguous to be what I consider normal.)

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

You seem to be implying that if I disagree with you, then I just ignore you and move on

You said that I set myself up as the arbiter of what's appropriate. (Which I didn't.)

I wrote that you have the right to ignore my opinion, since... I am not the arbiter of what's appropriate.

Now we have a short (and probably pointless) debate on the subject.

We can. Or you can ignore me, since... I am not the arbiter of what's appropriate. It's all the same to me, since my self-image is not wrapped up in ensuring that adults don't play Pokemon.

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

Sport fans act in every single way exactly like anime, video-game, sci-fi etc. fans

But those sports fans wear the jerseys of other adults, not of teenagers (or worse, pre-pubescents).

It's the same reason why a man cosplaying Worf isn't weird, but a man cosplaying as his son Alexander Rozhenko is creepy.

The teenage boy

Or the 10 year old.

The teenage boy catching big-eyed cute pseudo-monsters in an all-primary-colors world

When I was young, I hated broccoli and squash. As I matured, I started liking them. Why? My tastes literally changed.

The difference in setting, tone and style are fluff, a matter of taste and preference, and little more.

Adults playing a game with a 10 year old protagonist is a creepy as old men staring at little girls.

This is completely different from both adults and children reading the Chronicles Of Narnia and both enjoying it (though for completely different reasons: the adult seeing nuances and subtexts lost on a child).

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

Let's play No true Scotsman

I don't see how asking for evidence for your claim that "people cosplay hockey" is the NTS fallacy.

That's his expert advice as one of the foremost scholars in the field of English literature.

Since English Literature has no actual bearing on Pokemon, I'll throw the Argument from authority fallacy at you.

But then, who am I to prevent someone from being of an opinion

Since my statement was not adults should stop playing games where the hero is prepubescent, but rather it was the question why are adults still playing with Pokemon?, what you could have done is try and convince me.

But you didn't. Instead, you got all defensive.

Comment Re:A more important question is... (Score 1) 211

Sporting is what adults do.

Sports change with age.

Hockey team uniforms, now, those are fine to cosplay.

Send me multiple links of many people wearing complete hockey uniforms (including stick) at a hockey-con, since that would be hockey cosplay.

Otherwise, it's just wearing a jersey.

only children write Pokemon games. Adults never do that.

Adults write children's books. That doesn't mean they obsess over them.

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