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Comment: Re:wikipedia have not only messed that (Score 1) 264

This is good news; I'm glad to see at least one misogynist leaving Wikipedia.

Sadly, it still seems to be run by a bunch of young white guys fighting for the importance of hosting porn and claiming the consensus of their privileged group is "neutral". ArbCom has censured admins for fighting back against lies spread by GamerGate, with a ban that may apparently prevent them fixing any abusive edits to articles about women.

Comment: Re:There's only three plants. (Score 1) 415

by wiggles (#49330683) Attached to: How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's Drought

> Desalination from seawater costs about 8.5 kWH / m^3 {fixed}

At rates I pay (Illinois), that works out to be around $.35 per gallon. What's the problem? Charge farmers appropriately for what they use and everything will magically work, as they cut their production and raise their prices to a new equilibrium.

Comment: Re: This is pretty common. (Score 4, Funny) 193

If that's windows support, linux support is as follows:

Check /var/log messages for errors. Find cryptic bizarro language pointing to some subsystem you've never heard of. Craft messages as follows and post to Slashdot:

"Linux is terrible! I'm going back to Windows! I can't even get function XYZ to work! Every time I try, error message $ERR shows up in my /var/log/messages!"

Wait one hour before you get a response as follows:

"You moron, All you have to do to get that to go away is edit $CONFIG_FILE and restart $DAEMON! Windows sucks!"

Problem solved.

Comment: Re:Not full duplex (Score 1) 47

As described, It is full duplex - both sides transmit simultaneously and have to cancel their own signal and its echoes from the combined received signal. Twisted-pair Ethernet already works this way, but in the radio medium the echoes must be even more challenging to model and cancel.

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