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Comment: It's just a mater of time... (Score 4, Informative) 150

by Kenja (#47407301) Attached to: Coddled, Surveilled, and Monetized: How Modern Houses Can Watch You
I always cringe a bit when I see the "put web cams in your house! For security!" commercials. It's just a mater of time until Xfinity or what not get's compromised and all those web cams you use to check your kids get used by other people... to "check your kids".

Comment: Re:Great... Instead of CO2 we get CO (Score 2) 133

Problem with that is, vegetation rots eventually, releasing methane - a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Sure, you can flame it off, but then you're still releasing that captured CO2 back to the atmosphere. Only by increasing the forest footprint of the world, or causing massive algae blooms in the oceans can you really sequester CO2 in vegetation.

Comment: Re:Sounds about right... (Score 3, Insightful) 441

by wiggles (#47350141) Attached to: Researchers Claim Wind Turbine Energy Payback In Less Than a Year

> Home owners can't really lose with solar PV

Unless, of course, you happen to live somewhere other than Southern California or Arizona, where weather conditions don't permit the sun to shine at sufficient intensity over the whole year. Here in the mid/upper midwest, the payback period for a solar installation on my house works out to be 17 years. Wind, on the other hand, can be cost effective if you have sufficient land space to put up a tower. I see a few of my rural neighbors with wind turbines on their properties.

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