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Comment: Everyone knows all the news agencies are CIA (Score 0) 343

by NunyerB (#36816970) Attached to: FBI Executes Nationwide Raid of Anonymous Members
Everyone in the world knows the reporters are all CIA. that is why the middle east always goes after the reporters. if someone like me can figure this out then the cat is out of the bag. that means all the people spying on peoples phones in the UK and possibly here in the USA are spies and most likely CIA.

Comment: Re:liberal pres vs conservative pres (Score 0) 638

by NunyerB (#35921142) Attached to: Mac Users More Liberal Than Windows Users
OBAMA said he will pull out all the troops dont look like he did that did it 3 years later and he added libya if you ask the people of libya if the usa is at war with them im sure they will reply yes anyhow Obama will be getting my vote this term coming up whats next egypt or saudi arabia? cant wait

Comment: agree 100% (Score 1) 2

by NunyerB (#21405103) Attached to: soldering flash chips
hi dch24 flash chips have been around for a while now....uniflash, mtkflash and xsf are some really neat flashers that bring some use out of the old junk pile as i have found out. all my hard drives, motherboards, cdrws, vcards and nics that were in the junk pile have recently made a nice come back. :)

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