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Comment: I have not problem having the protocol (Score 1) 191

The government has protocols for all types of crazy situations. It is usually better to come up with a plan when you have some time to discuss options than on the fly. Many of these protocols have never been used and never will.

I think what we are concerned about is when the government USES the protocol. Certainly there would be improper uses of it, and that is what should be at issue.

Comment: Why even have a car? (Score 2, Interesting) 477

There will certainly be some people that will need to have a dedicated vehicle based on the cargo they are carrying, but for the most of us, why have a car at all? Thing about the space savings if you didn't need to park all of those cars downtown and during the day they could drive themselves somewhere else and drive someone with a different schedule, sort of like a driverless Uber, where everyone just shares the cost of the fleet of cars based on usage.

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