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Comment Re:The freedom of not having a car (Score 1) 242

Fine. You have picked the worst possible scenario for driving. Rush hour in a huge European city.

In nearly every other scenario, driving is going to be the shorter time option, unless your departure and destination point happen to be right next to a mass transit location (and driving is till going to be shorter at no-rush hour times).

Comment The bomb (Score 1) 332

While I hope nuclear weapons are never used again, I find the annual "feel pity" for the Japanese sentiment to be misplaced. Could someone cite the number of people (in the millions) who were killed due to Japanese aggression starting in the 1930s? As set forth in Iris Chang's The Rape of Nanking, 300,000 Chinese were raped, tortured and killed in that city alone. A Japanese paper covered a contest between 2 officers to see who could kill 100 Chinese the fastest with swords. Pearl Harbor, Bataan death march, POWs killed can be added to the toll.

I do not blame today's Japanese for those acts anymore than today's German's are responsible for Hitler. I do object to the implication that the atomic bombings were pointless and that these ceremonies are not put in the context of historical facts.

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