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Comment: Nothing new, original or really low cost (Score 1) 46

by NuclearCat (#48225099) Attached to: A Low Cost, Open Source Geiger Counter (Video)
Looks like typical geiger tube used, and typical circuit for it. What's "new" or "original" there? And definitely not low cost stuff, but poorly built (all that hanging wires).
Also his microcontroller memory most probably will fail on serious radiation, and if not stop working, then may give invalid data.
I understand detecting alpha particles in the tin can over FET transistor can be MUCH cheaper than those (but more for alpha, again), and similar original ideas.

Comment: Re:Why a war? (Score 1) 498

by NuclearCat (#46449473) Attached to: Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP
Exactly. With all this ecstasy from revolution, people should look a bit which statements Praviy Sector and Svoboda made before.
Before revolution they said several times, that Russia, Poland and several other countries own their territory, plus their hymn include "russians on knifes" and "ukraine for ukrainians". Now guess, what will happen when they have nukes.
I was shocked, when i so how their "activists" attacked veterans of WWII, 80+ year old people, in 2011, Lviv. Check youtube for that.

Comment: This is not software, it is wrong design (Score 1) 526

by NuclearCat (#46204271) Attached to: Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC
In case Dell used speakers that are not rated even for their motherboard amplifier - it is trivial to detect audio clipping that VLC cause, just a plain resistor and current sensing circuit, or a comparator on output circuit and it will be easy to shut it, before speaker got damaged.
In car industry it will be a recall and faulty items will be replaced by modified ones, with "bugfix".
But it is very known - freaks like HP and Dell prefer to charge customers for each sneeze, and as soon as you paid and took your product - you are on your own. No bugfixes, no support, no improvements.

+ - Sekurak found backdoor in TP-Link routers->

Submitted by
NuclearCat writes "Polish security researchers found backdoor in TP-Link routers, allowing not only to gain root access from local network, but also to knock down router via CSRF attack remotely, machine translation from russian: . According to researchers statement TP-Link seems doesn't care to give an answer about issue.
Good news: Users who reflashed their TP-Link with Open/DD-WRT firmware can sleep well."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Seems you are very close to me now (Score 1) 349

by NuclearCat (#40506301) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: VPN Service For a Deployed US Navy Ship?
I guess it can be only gulf countries and i'm in one of them right now (most restricted country, hehe). Please take a note, that they are tracking VPN activity, and some countries who block VoIP, can block your VPN too, if they suspect you use it for VoIP. I recommend PCI compliant VPN, to PCI certified hosting, if you want to do banking. E.g. if you want to go serious way, find collocation (PCI compliant!), let's say 1/4 of rack, put there VPN router (also, again,compliant), and your side too. Note, that some services like Netflix, PS3 videos wont work for IP's from hosting, because some people from other countries use this way to get US address, and services are blocking all hosting IP ranges, so you have to test it first.
Sure you can go cheaper way, it won't be compliant, but still very secure. Let me know if you need more information.

Comment: Where the world going? (Score 2) 437

by NuclearCat (#40232117) Attached to: Red Hat Clarifies Doubts Over UEFI Secure Boot Solution
Now using my electronics how i want is "certainly not a guaranteed right". WTF. Thats why we had DIY talents before, who was building companies in garage, and now we have army of "angry bird" players, because it is not easy to create something this days.
You can't reuse electronic parts. SMD. You need expensive tools to do that. Well, ok, let's say it is ok.
You can't reuse blocks and highly integrated IC's, because there is NDA for documentation and high fees to get this documentation.
And now, finally, soon you can't write your own low-level software, because your PC manufacturer will decide, what you can run, and what you can't.
I hope my car one day will not tell me, which road i can take, and which one i'm not allowed to go, because my car don't have license for offroad.

Comment: NDA with proprietary chipsets (Score 1) 140

by NuclearCat (#39609285) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Make My Own Hardware Multimedia Player?
I was involved in development of some hardware players (Sigma chipset). And media companies plays there major role. And most important for them IP. This means DRM. Also this means NDA. Realtek, Sigma, all the same in that.
Amazing hardware power, but very locked down before product release by patent restrictions and DRM.
I believe the best you can do and archieve your goals - Atom with some kind of GPU acceleration, but again proprietary drivers, to get acceleration.
FPGA i believe will need too much efforts for one person, to support all media formats

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