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Comment: Re:Debunked. (Score 1) 110

Maybe this is the point? Maybe it was accepted as a form of irony, of self-criticism? Maybe the editors realized that the process of filtering and reviewing submissions lost so much of it's quality that, in a wake-up call, /. editors decided to accept the crappiest of fake stories and front page it anyway. Maybe this story is supposed to be the epitome of what plagued /. for so long now... News that doesn't matter. News that's not for nerds.

Or maybe they'r just lazy fucks.

Comment: Re:Slight change in title, if I may (Score 2) 326

by Nrrqshrr (#45629821) Attached to: Nobody Builds Reactors For Fun Anymore
Am a bioengi and, a long time ago, I had to choose between what I will study in university, biology or mechanics... I chose biology because I wanted to have >fun tinkering with mechanical things... Looking at my biology/chemistry sets that I abandoned long ago, I think I made the right choice.

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