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Comment: Re:Easy answers (Score 4, Informative) 251

by NoxNoctis (#45074575) Attached to: Police Demand Summary Domain Takedown, Traffic Redirection
This couldn't be more true. Paris, France threatened to sue me if I didn't turn over my domain to them. Somehow they won the UDRP complaint when the requirements include not having threatened to file suit. Thankfully some rather fantastic lawyers helped me keep my domain. It's a scary world and the people with money don't make it any better.

Comment: And the simple solution is... (Score 1) 525

by NoxNoctis (#35874768) Attached to: Michigan Police Could Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
Don't get stopped by the police in Michigan. If that's not possible, phone out of view. They may be trying to skirt around the 4th Amendment by slurping the phone data, but they can't search your car (for your phone) with PC or a warrant. And I'm sorry, but "most people have a cellphone so I'm going to find yours" is not PC for a search.

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