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Submission + - What the hell is Web 2.0? 3

Will Is A Douche writes: "I am a graduate student at an East Coast University and am examining how interest groups use the Internet to communicate with their members. As a non-tech person but longtime /. reader who is one of the more technologically versed individuals in my program, I am having a difficult time coming up with a clear definition for what "Web 2.0" is. I have some stuff from O'Reilly to the effect of "leveraging the participation of the many" but I want to stay away from bullspeak as much as possible. Right now I'm working with "Web 2.0 applications are those which are web-based as opposed to desktop or internal server based, rely upon input from users and the content created by that input, seek to increase the ease of secure and non-secure communications between involved parties, and are designed to be able to work with other such applications." Any help?"

Submission + - Should We Rebuild America with Minneapolis Bridge? ( 2

mattnyc99 writes: The tragic collapse last night in Minneapolis of a truss bridge—one that the U.S. Dept. of Transportation found "structurally deficient" two years ago—raises an important issue beyond just the engineering of one single span. As national security expert Stephen Flynn pleads in an op-ed on American infrastructure in the wake of yesterday's disaster, "The blind eye that taxpayers and our elected officials have been turning to the imperative of maintaining and upgrading the critical foundations that underpin our lives is irrational and reckless." Do we need to start spending to rebuild America?

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