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+ - Coffee With Apple CEO Tim Cook More Appealing Than Bieber, De Niro or Clinton->

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DavidGilbert99 (2607235) writes "Who would you rather have coffee with? Global superstar Justin Bieber; Hollywood screen icon Robert De Niro; former US President Bill Clinton......or geeky CEO of Apple Tim Cook? Well despite many who may think otherwise, it seems as if Tim Cook is the most appealing of all, attracting bids of more than £100,000 for a one-hour coffee and chat — higher than any of the other celebrities taking part in the charity auction."
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Laser Fusion's Brightest Hope 115

Posted by samzenpus
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First time accepted submitter szotz writes "The National Ignition Facility has one foot in national defense and another in the future of commercial energy generation. That makes understanding the basic justification for the facility, which boasts the world's most powerful laser system, more than a little tricky. This article in IEEE Spectrum looks at NIF's recent missed deadline, what scientists think it will take for the facility to live up to its middle name, and all of the controversy and uncertainty that comes from a project that aspires to jumpstart commercial fusion energy but that also does a lot of classified work. NIF's national defense work is often glossed over in the press. This article pulls in some more detail and, in some cases, some very serious criticism. Physicist Richard Garwin, one of the designers of the hydrogen bomb, doesn't mince words. When it comes to nuclear weapons, he says in the article, '[NIF] has no relevance at all to primaries. It doesn't do a good job of mimicking validates the codes in regions that are not relevant to nuclear weapons.'"

Comment: Re:That's just part of the concern.. (Score 1) 285

by Nova77 (#40093413) Attached to: EU Blocks France's Ban of Monsanto's GM Maize

Well apparently not, and not for lack of trying. But why would you think cross-breeding is preferable? It would be a shotgun approach, since you could get the resistance as well as another set of undesired side-effects.

Besides, it's two viruses (CMV and TSWV) which are currently threatening that tomato. For the first we have the other variety. For the other we managed to identify a few genes that could give resistance. Would that be okay?

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