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Comment: Re:Economic Collapse due to Class War (Score 1) 386 386

Really? Pro-business dictators have the blood of MILLIONS on their heads?

As bad as some of the past mistakes of the US has been - and slavery is as much the fault of European mercantilism and monarchy - if not more so - than anything that ever happened in the US (because THEY started that particular version of slavery) - NOTHING has been as brutal and repressive as communist regimes (China and Russia in particular).

Stalin's successes ONLY came through repression and hard-line aggression toward his own people - as have all Communist "successes."

Comment: Re:Obvious Missing - GOLD (Score 1) 868 868

I read WAY too many other arguments - particularly from those in the hard Austrian Economics camp (who I don't totally disagree with on everything) - that make it appear otherwise.

Even after the confiscation, we more or less still had the gold standard until Nixon.

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