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Comment Innovation doesn't exist anymore (Score 3, Interesting) 488

Why are we even having this discussion about what Microsoft innovated and which company is the best innovator, because frankly none off them innovate anymore. The easiest and most effective way to become the biggest player is to bully everyone else with patent lawsuits. Microsoft, Apple and Google are all exactly the same when it comes to employing dodgy business tactics.

Comment SUBJECT (Score 1) 968

Man Google keeps pulling shit like this. Everytime they make a new 'user interface enhancing web 2.0 nonsense addition' the support forums are flooded with people complaining that they can't get their old look back. And Google just doesn't give a crap. Not planning to get a Chrome laptop so this hardly affects me, but changing stuff without offering a way to keep it in the old state is just a dick move.

Comment This article makes me upset (Score 0) 225

I'm not sure what point this blog is trying to convey. Games are cheaper now than they were 10-15 years ago, so what? Games 10-15 years ago were also 4-5 times longer, and (arguably) better. The problem isn't that games are so expensive, it's that games are so low in quality these days that they are not worth the bloody money. A 6 hour, single-player, shitfest that's only around to serve as a DLC platform for $60, or Banjo Kazooie for $80. I know what I'd go for. "This is a fine time to be a gamer" my ass.

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