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Comment Re:Not sure if smart or retarded (Score 1, Insightful) 204

Exactly. Not to mention they were recently selling max level characters for something or other. So it's ok if Blizztard sells you cheats, but not so if a Chinese entrepreneur does the same thing...? Right. At least EVE Online is honest in its own corruption.

100K is a good start - only 7 million to go. Then other mmorpgs might come out from under the shadow of the worst mmo to ever excrete itself onto a finite market.
To think, this drek keeps on going & going, whereas innovative, quality mmos like CoX go under. At least there's the likes of GW2 - B2P - buy once, play forever.

Comment Re:The timing of technology. (Score 1) 117

Ignoring relativistic effects & GR in general (pardon the puny pun), it would take a ship almost 6 months & less than 1/10th of a light year to reach 0.5c, assuming a constant 1g acceleration. So, the only question is, what propulsion method are we going to have in the conceivable future that can sustain that kind of thrust with X number of humans and a total weight of Y (inc fuel/propellant)..? For ref, Saturn V weighs 3000 tons & can only produce thrust for 17 mins with all 3 stages at about 3Gs max. I'm not sure even nuclear fusion can produce enough energy to self-propel that much mass for that long. Isn't there a critical thrust-to-weight ratio at which a propellant can no longer produce enough thrust to out-power its own system's weight...? So what would the ship be expelling & where would it get that much raw mass-energy from for 6 months?

Comment Re:No true Scotsman (Score 1) 880

You sure this is from a Gospel quote, and not just Jesus in fact quoting (or paraphrasing) from the OT? Or just one of the apostles or historians from another NT book...? Do you have a chapter & verse quote?

Jesus was very clever & careful not to say very much if anything at all on highly contentious topics, such as homosexuality, corporal/physical punishment or child discipline, women's rights, racial topics, etc. Hell, he even admonished his disciples to the point of "slaves obey your masters [with good grace]"!

In any case, he did also whip the Pharisees good & proper outside the temple, which they were using as a market stall area for profit; even though he did so in utter indignation & disgust & they well deserved it (according to their own rules in fact), one could argue that his intention, from a purely theological POV, wasn't to condone violence at all, rather to demonstrate its folly. Or it was simple justice, take yer pick. He certainly wasn't a pacifist - don't make that mistake.

Having said that, the AC you replied to is right on the money biblically, no pun intended, so I'm bemused he didn't use his real name/moniker. I guess this slashdot internet thingy makes it all too easy to post even wisdom anonymously, heh.

Comment Re: How many knew that it was a global release? (Score 1) 443

Why would I pay Fuxtel $100 per month to watch 1 or 2 shows I actually like & get shovelled 100 others I could care care less about, most of them reruns or months/years old...?

People download for all sorts of reasons, like avoiding being exposed to ad-infested 42min shows with 20mins of brain-dead shovelware being forced down our optic nerves.

Disclaimer: I don't watch BB but might go & download all the seasons right now :).

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