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Comment Re:You're running a distribution (Score 1) 708

> Post the issue to your distribution not the systemd group.
It's a problem with almost every distro, right? Like what doesn't have systemd, slack?

Yes, Slackware does not have systemd. And, as far as I know, has no plans to integrate it in the future (which is one of the reasons I love it).

On the other hand, OpenBSD systemd "shim" looks better every day, as it allows Gnome to work without systemd. Make of that what you will.

Comment Re:The True face of Islam (Score 2, Informative) 965

Well, listening to CNN right now . . . I heard the story of a guy who dragged out a bloodied teenage girl out of the concert . . . is this what Islam is all about!? Any Muslims are encouraged to answer!

You are a complete idiot. STFU.

Seriously, just STFU. And go and read about Ahmed Merabet. That guy was a courageous Frenchman.

Oh wait, you are probably too stupid to read anything that's not on Fox News. My Bad, Carry on being an idiot.

Comment Re:So much for the gun control and gun free zones (Score -1, Troll) 965

France has really stringent gun control laws. That did not prevented Charlie Hebdo. That also did not prevented 11/13/2015 events in Paris.

Has somebody noticed that tragedies in free gun zones occur not when people are not armed, but when the right to bear arms is limited. Because criminals do no care about zones.

My dear imbecile: you can kiss my ass.

Go back to watching Fox News, you are a complete idiot.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 965

I thought when it came to the war on terror, it was mission accomplished.

Since they're still attacking American and European targets 14 years later, would that possibly suggest that our existing strategies are not working?

Well... It's a possibility!

(Much funnier if you take a Mel Blanc voice to read the above line)

Comment Re:Syria was a French Colony (Score 3, Informative) 965

People forget that Syria was once a French colony. The Syrians have not forgotten that.

Bzzzt! You are wrong.

Syria was mainly a Turkish territory up until the end of WWI, when it became a protectorate of the French III Republic, along with Lebanon. It became independent in 1946.

Most Syrians actually do not resent the French that much. These acts of terrorism have nothing to do with that period of the history of Syria, but more with the war between the Syrian government and Islamic State.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 965

France participated in Operation Desert Storm aka "Operation_Daguet", which is probably reason enough for any jihadist. More recently with the large influx of North African Muslims there's been conflict with France's largely atheistic culture. See the Charlie Hebdo incident -- militant Islam lacks anything resembling either a sense of humor or respect for human rights.

To the point, militant Islam really, really wants to be in charge, which makes pretty much everyone in the world either an immediate target or a future target. It's odd that you don't seem to recognize that.

Except, of course that there has been surveys done of French Moslems (by the Pew Research Institute if memory serves well), that tend to prove they are the least radicalized and best integrated of all European Moslem communities.

You really have no idea what you are talking about, so please just STFU.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1, Troll) 965

I have to agree. The downfall of some liberal countries is that they become *too* sensitive, and when confronted with a true enemy, they don't realize or recognize it.

When someone is out to destroy you, you cannot simply be polite and act like it's a dinner party where someone had bad manners.

Ah, yes the evil that PC liberals do.

You are so full of sh*t. France is right there bombing ISIS in Syria. That's why these attacks are taking place.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 965

France is getting a large influx of muslim immigrants, and France enacted laws that pretty much amount to "hey, you live here? be French Arab, not Arab". That doesn't sit well with the Caliphate Crew, so they're attacking Paris until Paris conforms to Sharia.

Until Paris conforms to Sharia? You must be dreaming dear...

The Moslem population is anywhere from 5% to 8% to the total French population. Not gonna happen anytime soon.

Comment Re:Can you liberals please wake the fuck up? (Score 0, Troll) 965

... they have a history of racial tension against immigrants ...

It is the moslems who are doing the fucking killings !!

Can you liberals please wake the FUCK up?

I've enough of the stupidity of you liberals ! The shooters are yelling "Allahu Akhbar" and you goddamn liberals are blaming the French !!

You know what? If you feel so strongly about the Moslems, why don't you grab a gun and go fight ISIS in Syria or Iraq?

Oh wait... Because you are such a fscking wuss, that's why. STFU, you dumbass Fox News douchebag.

Comment Re:Why (Score -1, Flamebait) 965

France is one of the top 5 arms exporters in the world (, they have a history of racial tension against immigrants ( You treat those beneath you like shit, and occasionally, people fight back. Those would be two motives, I'm sure there are more.

Ah, yes, because the USA have such a sterling record of accepting and protecting its minorities... NOT.

Sheesh, compare France and the USA, I am not so sure which one comes out on top in the "we are racist and proud of it". Just ask the KKK.

Comment Re:Why (Score 4, Insightful) 965

I understand why terrorists attacked the WTC, because America was a major power in the middle east (both militarily and culturally, and the terrorists hate both). Furthermore OBL hoped to increase his reputation by pushing around the US military.

Why are they attacking France? What do they hope to achieve?

OK, reality check: France is pounding ISIS in Syria right now. Yes, they (we) also pounded Lybia. Terrorists consider France an ally of the USA (which it is).

These guys are simply using terrorism everywhere, because that's the only thing they know how to do.

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