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Comment: Get a new layout, but not dvorak (Score 1) 307

by Norny (#42385843) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Typing Advice For a Guinness World Record Attempt?

If you look at studies like Carpalx (, the Patrick Gillespie layout analyzer ( or even just one of the layout homepages that compares itself to others (, then you'll see there are more efficient keyboard layouts than Dvorak without it's traumatic learning curve. If nothing else, Colemak is widely adopted by all but Microsoft and is probably a better efficiency choice than Dvorak.

Comment: Sounds just like MySpace! (Score 2) 268

by Norny (#38896337) Attached to: Facebook Reportedly Filing $5 Billion IPO Today

Re-read the article, but replace all instances of "Facebook" with "MySpace." This is exactly the opportunity I was looking for! Now it's time for me to move all the money I made from MySpace into the big next thing, Facebook. I'm so glad this is happening, I was starting to think MySpace couldn't go any higher.

+ - Researchers Found How To Use Square for CC Fraud->

Submitted by
Mightee writes: "Researchers attending the Black Hat security conference on Thursday demonstrated two ways in which Square — a mobile gadget that enables Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to accept credit card payments — can be hacked to accept stolen credit card data, with very little technical hardware required and “no technical skills at all.”

Adam Laurie and Zac Franken, directors of Aperture Labs, discovered that due to a lack of encryption in the current Square app and free dongle for swiping cards, the mobile payment system can be used to steal credit card information, without even having the physical credit card."

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Comment: Asus was OK, but I'm back to WRT54GL (Score 1) 344

by Norny (#31971096) Attached to: Open Source Router To Replace WRT54GL?

I bought 2 different models of Asus routers that were b/g. They worked great with DD-WRT for almost exactly 2 years, then they died a week apart from each other. Bricks. I replaced them with a WRT54GL. My backup for it is a WRT350N that someone gave me. That's right, the ol' 54GL is more dependable than the fancier 350N.

I'd consider Asus again, but only if I could convince myself to buy 2 so I could have a standby for when the first died.

Just consider this... do you really need the N spectrum? I don't personally do a lot of file transfers between computers on my network where speed is a consideration serious. If I was to saturate the whole allowance of G trying to hit the Internet, that's still more than what my outgoing cable internet service provides with Time Warner.

Moreover, to get full N, you have to broadcast 2.4 and 5 spectrums, and only one of the two goes far enough to get out of a room and through walls, so you effectively have G speeds in most N implementations anyway. Read about it... lots of people turn N off and go back to G, even when they have access to the fancier feature.

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