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Comment Re:File a Complaint (Score 1) 140

The do not call list is kind of a joke (like the other guy said) it only applies to marketing people and not charities, people looking to offer financial capital for your business or my favorite of all people trying to sell my business a list of available government IT contracts. (As if even the smartest people could untangle that mess and deal with the bureaucracy)

Comment Re:Does it affect functionality at all? (Score 2) 571

My question is: If you're running a small business with 20-50 computers running 10 Pro and each machine is phoning home even 1,000 times a day, how much is that effecting your internet connection? How much more traffic is your network having to handle? What kind of performance hit are your computers, network and internet taking?

Comment Nondisclosure agreements (Score 4, Interesting) 29

There have been plenty of instances where people have tried to pry open the "secret" door number 3" and look at whats inside. In lots of news articles each agency (state and federal) has cited a legally binding nondisclosure agreement with the manufacturer as to why they aren't allowed to disclose any information regarding the use and specifications of the so called Stingray device. Until some court invalidates the NDA good luck getting any information on those things. It seems to me since federal and state money is being spent on these things the public has a certain right to know how much. Also I believe that there are several court cases pending where stingrays were used to catch the perpetrator and the defense has tried to subpoena data about them and has never been successful.

Comment Re:Tried and failed in 2004 (Score 1) 169

Absolutely, with the right production values, casting and writing it could be good but historically it's not easy. Usually somewhere along the way someone makes a bad decision, I always feel like casting is the hardest. The two parts that will be hardest to cast are Professor Robinson and Dr. Smith, Guy Williams was awesome and Jonathan Harris was amazing.

Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 2, Funny) 446

Sorry, there is plenty of evidence:


even though the study was initially retracted, it's since been republished and the initial retraction was widely condemned by scientists and researchers worldwide.

A case could be made that Monsanto pressured people for the retraction.

Personally I think that their GMO corn is really bad for people and animals and that eventually it'll be proved without a doubt but in the mean time Monsanto continues to rake in millions if not billions on products that are dangerous to peoples health just like aspartame.

Comment Re:Maybe it'll be Bollux (Score 1) 227

I was thinking the same thing, those three books by Brian Daly were pretty good although they take place after Han escapes from the mines with Chewie but before episode 4.

My main concern is who are they going to get to play Han, and frankly the idea that Chris Pratt could play either Indiana Jones or Han Solo; that guy is just like Will Ferrell, a dope no matter how you slice it and he doesn't have the chops to play either character convincingly.

Comment Re:Not nessesarily..... (Score 1) 517

You could as you say set a windows system to "no pagefile" and then defrag the disk and then reset the page file to a static size however depending on how much data there is on the disk that could push the pagefile farther towards the middle or end of the disk and the farther towards the end of the disk the file gets the slower access to it gets. On your average hard drive sequential reads from the end of the disk can be 10 times slower than sequential reads from the beginning of the disk. There's actually a way to determine that by using the HD Tune software which can measure performance at various parts of the drive.

The procedure I outlined of creating free space and a partition before the boot partition guarantees that the pagefile will be as close to the beginning of the drive as possible where sequential reads are the fastest.

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