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User Journal

Journal: My Top 10 Games Ever

Journal by Norfair

In response to the Top 10 games article recently posted, I'm adding my own Top 10 Games Ever list

1. Tie Fighter (Collecter's Edition, DOS) - Polished to perfection. The Darth Vader missions (if you've played it, you'll know what I'm talking about) rank among my personal top gaming 'moments'. I've been looking for a copy of the Direct 3D version, but it's difficult to get one 2nd hand. If you have one, I'm willing to pay actual money for it. (EDIT: I have you now, er, I mean I have the game now)

2. Super Metroid - guess where I got the nick? :) I feel safe in saying that this game represents platformers reaching their peak.

3. Homeworld - One of the few RTS games I will look back at fondly. Good story.

4. Episode 1 Racer - Go ahead, laugh. I'm a big fan of racing games, and this is the best one I've played *by far*. It's not often I play a game that gives me such an adrenalian rush. Shows you that not all movie license games have to be pap.

5. Super Mario Kart - Ultra-addictive, both in single player and 2 player.

6. KOTOR - One of the few adventure games recently to have a feeling of *being there*. Excellent music.

7. Morrowind - Elite with an Elvish cloak on. Incredible atmosphere, even though the NPCs felt slightly dud (as in broken). It's sooo satisfying to hit an Ash Ghoul with the Daedric Longbow from about a 1/4 mile away.

8. Jedi Academy - Just can't enough of Duel. Partly got a place here because of the skilled modding community. 'I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer!' ;)

9. Eye of the Beholder 1&2 - Enthralling RPG series (don't play part 3). First games I played where I would go hungry to keep playing. Had a good balance between story, combat, puzzle-solving. (Okay, that was 2 games. I cheated. Sort of.)

10. Starfox - another game where the sense of being there was enormous. Great final boss.

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