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Comment: Maybe Not So Good For Apple (Score 1, Interesting) 219

by Nom du Keyboard (#45486281) Attached to: Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $290M In Patent Case

Apple claims that Samsung hurts the market for iPhones.
If you want IOS and the Apple App Store you have to buy an iPhone today every bit as much as you ever had to do so.
The Samsung phone is a different creature in a different environment.
Apple couldn't even make enough smartphones to supply the whole world provided that the did have a monopoly on them.
Aside from the fact that Apple never should have been granted these patents, I mean really, how long before Samsung -- who still supplies a lot of the iPhone and iPad components because nobody else can -- announces a sudden price increase that more than pays for this judgement out of Apple's own pockets?
I hope real soon.
And I'm left to wonder if this is taxable income in the USA for the famously tax-avoiding Apple? If not, then they just laundered a giga-buck into the good 'ol USA.

Comment: Re:Real reason is due to Swiss Banks (Score 1) 276

by Nom du Keyboard (#45425246) Attached to: Bitcoin Hits $400 Ahead of Senate Hearing On Virtual Currency

Any rise in the value of BitCoins is probably because it's the only way to keep anonymous funds now that the Swiss banks are no longer keeping records confidential.

The flaw in your argument is that the government doesn't have to track every BitCoin. They only have to worm their way into the far less numerous exchanges where you turn your BC to fully usable currencies and demand that they require full identification and keep records of every transaction. Tax problem solved --- and you know that what they're working on exactly that step by step.

Comment: Commodity, Not Money (Score 1) 276

by Nom du Keyboard (#45425138) Attached to: Bitcoin Hits $400 Ahead of Senate Hearing On Virtual Currency

In the truest sense BitCoin is commodity, not a currency. You can create, or buy, title to ownership of a piece of information that others have agreed to both recognize your ownership rights, and value it as well. It also, unlike every other currency today, is the ultimate Hard Currency because there is a hard upper limit on its creation. You can mine more gold for your gold backed currency, but the total number of BitCoins under the current rules (a most important distinction) has a hard cap.

It's also the ultimate fiat currency because although it took some effort -- or lucky guesses -- to create, it is not legal tender anywhere. It only has value between 2 people willing to agree on that value. Rather the Esperanto of money. But to try and turn it into a currency so that governments can regulate it under existing laws is absolute Fraud on their citizens.

Of course, when has that ever stopped politicians from "creating" new tax sources, which is the ultimate end of this exercise in case you hadn't realized that yet.

Everyone in government supporting this regulation fantasy should be voted out of office immediately -- although we all know that's never going to happen.

Comment: Re:who cares (Score 2) 336

Since Adobe's moron move to the "Creative Cloud" (which may represent a state of mind among Adobe executives rather than a description of the system which is simply Software As A Service) thousands of photographers have been ditching PS. Corel's Paintshop Pro, while commercial software is less expensive than PS. Paintshop even does layers, 16 bit and CMYK output.

I have to question that. All previous DVD versions of CS thru CS6 continue to run as is with no additional money required. Only when you want new features beyond CS6 do you have to start with the Adobe monthly fee or move to an alternative. Like MSWord since probably Word 95, if not 6, PS has been so over-featured for most users that what more do you need that they haven't already thought of and included? So why would anyone dump an already paid-for program to learn a new one? My guess is that they're just not getting new users nearly as much as before.

The favorite boast I hear from many PS users with personal copies (when the company is paying the bill it's a whole different matter, of course) is who is using the oldest version of PS and is still completely happy with it. This week it was a PS5 (not CS5 -- PS5) user. Personally I used PS7 for a long time until I was given a copy of CS1, and am now only on CS3, where I will likely live for a good long while now.

Comment: Re:So Brave (Score 1) 336

"Note: SourceForge and Slashdot share a corporate parent."

Then, have any of you (the editorial staff) thought to voice a complaint to your parent about being associated with what is widely considered a shady practice?

Posted again verbatim just in case they missed it the first time around. It is truly shady to pull this crap.

Comment: Re:good move (Score 4, Informative) 336

Haven't been impressed by SourceForge's recent policy of late- especially when I unclick the 'free software' offers attached to each download, yet they install anyway!

Gee, that happens to you too? And here I was thinking that it was just Operator Error on my part.

Comment: Hate Mail to Facebook (Score 1) 194

by Nom du Keyboard (#45047957) Attached to: Social Fixer Falls Victim To Facebook Legal Threats

Okay, where is the most effective place to send hate mail or equivalent to Facebook? As many of you know, FB is almost impossible to contact directly or actually speak with a live person despite them employing thousands of them. Even their telephone number only leads you to a number of different messages and voice mail boxes that appears to mostly be dead-end bit buckets.

Comment: Re:DD-WRT on Buffalo hardware (Score 1) 193

Seconded. I can give you plenty of reasons not to buy Linksys, or Cisco, or NetGear, or D-Link. I can give you 0 reasons not to buy Buffalo ;-)

And I can give you one reason yes to buy Netgear. My new Wireless N-150 WNR1000 cost me $9.95 through my cable company.
Make that 2 reasons - It has run rock solid for ~3 years now on its standard firmware.
Point: Always look at the overall ROI.

Comment: Re: Sounds good to me (Score 3, Insightful) 555

My kid ate one or your magnets and had to have his bowel removed is not necessarily a bogus claim.

You have to eat more than one to have the problem. A single one passes through without attracting itself to anything else.

And if you commonly let your kid near or play with dangerous items you are a totally ignorant crappy parent who ought take some personal responsibility for all of your failings instead of blaming other people for them.

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