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The Courts

Submission + - Thomson Reuters (Endnote) Sues Open Source Zotero (

Noksagt writes: "Thomson Reuters, the owner of the Endnote reference management software, has filed a $10 million lawsuit and a request for injunction against the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia's George Mason University develops Zotero, a free and open source plugin to Mozilla Firefox that researchers may use to manage citations. Thomson alleges that GMU's Center for History and New Media reversed engineered Endnote and that the beta version of Zotero can convert (in violation of the Endnote EULA) the proprietary style files that are used by Endnote to format citations into the open CSL file format."

Submission + - Mozilla Defends "Firefox" Trademark Agains

Noksagt writes: "Mozilla has asked Debian GNU/Linux to discontinue using "Mozilla Firefox" as the name for the browser included in Debian due to the way it has been patched. Due to the copyrights on Mozilla logos, some Linux distributions have been excluding the images in favor of the generic image (a blue globe without the orange firefox). However, Mozilla is now demanding that the logo be used with the trdademarked browser name. Debian developers are now considering a namechange again Will it become Iceweasel?"

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