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Comment: How about a home brew dynamic DNS system? (Score 1) 495

by Noishe (#47361087) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains

Just setup a CloudFlare account and host your dns through them for free. Then use their api on your server whenever your ip changes.

An example of using the API is as follows... taken from

curl \

    -d 'a=rec_edit' \

    -d 'tkn=8afbe6dea02407989af4dd4c97bb6e25' \

    -d 'id=9001' \

    -d '' \

    -d '' \

    -d 'type=A' \

    -d 'name=sub' \

    -d 'content=' \

    -d 'service_mode=1' \

    -d 'ttl=1'

Comment: Re: Innovation? (Score 2) 361

by Noishe (#45170443) Attached to: <em>Full Screen Mario</em>: Making the Case For Shorter Copyrights

In Canada, download vs upload is defined by the initiator of the data transaction. Offering pieces of data for download does not count as uploading, it counts as downloading, as the other party has to make the request from your computer. Think of it as push vs pull instead of download vs upload. As such, the torrent protocol just so happens to never ever upload anything at all, in Canada.

Comment: of course they are retrievable (Score 4, Insightful) 136

by Noishe (#44748209) Attached to: Software Developer Says Mega Master Keys Are Retrievable

Once you enter your password into a website, the website can do anything that you can do.... Duh

Yes, mega doesn't have your key stored on their servers.
Yes, at any point while you're logged in they can change this fact, or they can just log your password, or whatever.

Doesn't matter what the website is, you have to trust it to use it.

How is this news?

Comment: Re:css change? (Score 2) 167

by Noishe (#44470711) Attached to: New JavaScript-Based Timing Attack Steals All Browser Source Data

yeap. the issue is the browser code, which essentially boils down to:
draw link with normal style
lookup link in visited database
if link exists in database
    then draw link with visited style
The problem is that visited links get drawn twice, while non-visted links get drawn once. It doesn't matter if the links are styled the same or not, as the browser will still go through the motions, and take additional time in the visited case.

The browser doesn't care if the styles are both the same or not. If it did care, then it would have to do an additional comparison on every style that will change how the link is drawn, which would just be too slow.

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