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+ - Motorcycle accident results in bionic bottom.-> 2

Submitted by Noishe
Noishe (829350) writes "A man involved in a motorcycle accident in the UK has been given an alternative to the dreaded colostomy bag. He now carries around a remote control to activate his "bionic bottom" made out of muscles taken from above his knee. The muscles were wrapped around his sphincter and then attached to electrodes that are controlled by a remote control he now carries in his pocket."
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+ - Quebec forces video game makers into French->

Submitted by Noishe
Noishe (829350) writes "Video game characters such as Lara Croft and the Mario Bros. will have to hone their accents now that a joint industry-government initiative aims to boost the number of games available in French.

"Players are used to playing in English," said Jean-François Patenaude, a manager with a small video-game retail chain in Montreal. "I don't think it will change much for them." Patenaude even suggested that the deal could increase operating costs for smaller retailers, who will be forced to buy copies of games in both English and French."

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The Internet

+ - Blocking Cyber Squattors

Submitted by Noishe
Noishe (829350) writes "What do people on slashdot do to block cyber squattors? I've noticed that almost every cybersquatted page I've ever had any interest in is registered with godaddy, and its dns is always hosted at, where N is some number. Shouldn't it be really easy to block any dns entries hosted by this site? This type of blocking should be built into firefox by default."
Desktops (Apple)

+ - What happaned to the clones?

Submitted by Noishe
Noishe (829350) writes "We all know about running windows on a Macintosh with bootcamp, but what about running MacOS on an intel machine?

Apple computers are using standard harddrives, video cards, ram, and CPU's.

Does anyone have any experience with getting OSX up and running on an otherwise normal PC? Why haven't motherboard manufacturors introduced clone boards just like they did in the 80's for pc's?"

+ - Crocadile Hunter, Steve Irwin, killed by sting ray

Submitted by
Noishe writes "I heard it on the news today, and I'm really saddened. The New York times as an obituary online.

He was filming a bull stingray when it spooked, and pierced his heart with it's barb. He died seconds later, with just enough time to bull the barb from his chest. Stingray attacks only kill 2 or 3 people a year worldwide, so this is a very unfortunate piece of bad luck."

+ - Scientist creates free energy, issues challange

Submitted by
Noishe writes "An Irish Scientist claims that he accidently discovered a method of creating free energy with a magnet powered device.

Since he was unable to garner much support, and lots of people weren't even willing to talk to him, he issued a public challange to the world's scientific community by taking out a full page ad in the Economist.

From The Article:
Sean McCarthy, Steorn's chief executive officer, said they had issued the challenge for 12 physicists to rigorously test the technology so it can be developed.
"What we have developed is a way to construct magnetic fields so that when you travel round the magnetic fields, starting and stopping at the same position, you have gained energy," McCarthy said."

Long computations which yield zero are probably all for naught.