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Comment Can we say correlation does not imply causation? (Score 1) 389

"This means that more programmers are using Python and Ruby on the weekend for their personal projects, showing that these languages are more fun to use."

Aren't we jumping to conclusions here? Is there no other possible reason for a "spike" in questions like these on the weekend? Maybe Python and Ruby are used by hobbyists who code on the weekend. There could be countless reasons for an increase in the number of questions asked and "more fun to use" is pure conjecture.

In addition the chart in the linked blog provides no useful information. The units are not labeled on the chart or addressed anywhere within the article. A previous post seems to suggest the Y axis indicates the number of questions asked per hour. If that's the case, Python saw an increase of 1/4 of a question asked on the weekend. All this using a sample size of 1 week? With such a small sample size and an insignificant deviation in the data, it is ludicrous to try to draw any conclusions from this so called "experiment."

Comment Re:Ammonia & Bleach (Score 5, Informative) 410

While the parent does an excellent job at explaining why one should not mix ammonia and bleach, and as much as I hate to admit (on slashdot) that I read the article, it must be mentioned that the article does not specify the chemicals used. So, we can't assume that it was this combination that caused the workers to need hospitalization.

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