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+ - Knocking down the Great Firewall of China->

Submitted by Nocturrne
Nocturrne (912399) writes "The FOSS project Lantern (https://getlantern.org/) is having great success in unblocking the internet for many users in oppressive regimes, like China and Iran. Much like Tor and bitorrent, Lantern is using peer-to-peer networking to overcome firewalls, but with the additional security of a trusted network of friends. The network of peers is growing, but we need more friends in uncensored countries to join us."
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Comment: A minimum wage job is not a career... (Score 1) 778

by Nocturrne (#47497953) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth
Working as a cashier at McDonold's should not pay a wage high enough for someone to "live." Minimum wage jobs should be something people do while they are young, living with family, students, etc. If you want to earn a "living" get a real job and work your way up the ladder. If you are illegal, GTFO.

Comment: Encryption NOW (Score 2) 457

by Nocturrne (#43944203) Attached to: Inside PRISM: Why the Government Hates Encryption
We need to talk about solutions, not politics. I want strong encryption of all my data, in the cloud and local, by default. Come on fellow nerds, let's make this happen. Has anyone tried moving their email to an encrypted cloud storage? We need someone to step up and offer encrypted cloud based email. Google clearly has no interest in encryption, as digging through our data is their bread and butter.

Comment: Re:Surveillance (Score 2, Interesting) 629

by Nocturrne (#28929637) Attached to: RadioShack To Rebrand As "The Shack"?
I used to be an exec at RadioShack, but left when they started to go into a downward spiral. Don't be fooled by misleading financial reports. The "profit" they claim was achieved through cost cutting. If you look at the details, you will see their revenue and sales have been dropping continuously for the last 8 years. They can't survive on cost cutting forever...

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